It's a Picknick

No, I didn't spell that wrong :)  It's a Picknick dress! I seem to be picking more complicated and detailed patterns for her lately.  I really enjoy the quick and easy item.  There's nothing like making a shirt in half an hour - from pulling the fabric off the shelf to wearing it (as long as the pattern is cut and ready).  There's also nothing like the satisfaction you get from perfect gathers, and topstitching that helps pull the whole thing together.

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I've been sitting on this fabric for quite a few years.  It's part of the Micheal Miller Windy Day collection, and I believe you can still get it from a couple online stores if you fall in love with it as much as I did (and not outrageously priced either).  It may have originally been intended for a dress for her older sister, but I'm secretely glad I didn't make it before.  This fabric is perfect for this dress, and this dress is perfect for this dress loving girl.  She did a little jump when she first saw it, and was more than happy to go take pictures of it today.

The name of the pattern insisted that there be a slight picnic theme of such to the pictures.  I didn't go all out.  But that basket?  It was my grandma's sewing basket.  It came full of all sorts of little treasures when she passed away a few years ago.  She hand painted the flowers on it, and I treasure it.  It belonged in these pictures.

I didn't have quite enough fabric for the length of the skirt, so I added a band of one of the coodinates to the main fabric to give it length.  I cut the bands 4"  by the width of the skirt pieces, and sewed them on before doing the front parts for the buttons/buttonholes.  Topstitching the bottom really helped it lay nicely and look intentional.  I used my iron a LOT for this dress.  If I keep making things like this, I'm going to have to figure out a place to mount my wall mounted (in the wall mounted) ironing board.

The pattern is really just divine.  It's simple in it's look, but perfect sweet innocense all rolled into one.  The gathers make it not a sun dress.  Classic with a bit of flair at the neckline.  The top is lined, and there's enough fullness to the skirt that a pettiskirt could be worn underneath to take it up a notch (I'm not telling Riona that).  I can definitely see more of these in our future - even if I did curse the 10 sets of button holes while I was doing them!



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