Thursday, August 21, 2008

Kian's first tropical storm

It feels like it's never going to stop raining. Thank goodness besides a few time where we've had flickering lights, we still have power. Hopefully it will stay that way.

To say we're bored would be an understatement. My kids have been stuck inside for the most part for 2 days now, and are getting restless and antsy. If it weren't so windy, I'd let them go play in the rain.

Kian got his first look at a tropical storm though. This was from when the winds first started picking up this morning. He thought the water blowing in on him was the coolest thing!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

You'd think with an expensive camera

that taking pictures of a couple things I had sewn would be easy, right? Not so much. Probably doesn't help that I've never cracked open the manual, and didn't even know where it was. I'll have to put that on my reading list now. Which is probably a good thing, but not something that's very entertaining.

So, what did I sew? Some things for my baby boy that doesn't want to stop growing. I'm shocked at how big he is, and how quickly he's outgrowing clothes!

I hope he likes giraffes, because I seem to be addicted to them. I have a whole wardrobe picked out and planned for him, and giraffes are going to be a big part! Here's a little peek at some of it

Kian really wasn't cooperating with getting his picture taken, so I eventually gave up and just laid everything out on the floor. My camera wasn't cooperating either (yes, it was user error, but still) which is why the same shirt looks to be a different color in each picture. I also realized I didn't upload one that showed the shorts well (that were supposed to be pants until I noticed a hole in the fabric - already cut out of course!), but since taking and uploading the pictures (flickr was giving me fits!) took longer than sewing the 3 things, you'll just have to use your imagination to figure out what they really look like!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Moe's - you know I love you? Right?

There's nothing like Moe's. Nothing. It's wonderful, it's good, and it's helping me maintain my weight.

I eat there once a week with my friends for "mom's night out". I usually stop in at least one other time too. But I have a couple complaints. First - you changed your queso. It used to be one of the best parts (besides the guacamole) about eating there. Now it tastes like microwaved american cheese with jalapenos in it. Gross.

And while we're talking about jalapenos, I wish you would put them somewhere else besides next to the olives. While part of the appeal of Moe's is watching the workers grab handfuls of vegetables to put on my burrito (and then try to keep it all stuffed in when they roll it), this practice leads to some dropped food. And it mixes.

I almost died today. I took a nice big bit of my salad (well, streaker homewrecker if you want to be exact) and started chewing. Everything was going along fine until I bit into that stray jalapeno. Now, if I liked spicy foods, it probably wouldn't have been a big deal. But I don't, I'm a wimp when it comes to hot stuff like that! Now, why did I almost die? Because I didn't have a drink available, and I was choking, and crying, and looking aimlessly around for something to drink that wasn't empty (I knew I should have gotten a large drink!), and I had nothing. I had to try to put out the flames shooting out of my mouth with a bite of sour cream (ew).

So Moe's, please, can you find another place to put the jalapenos?

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

It only took four years

I was taking my bath this morning, and had my usual bath time visitor. Not one of my kids, though it's rare that I get a uninterrupted bath from them anyways, but our cat, Dumb dumb... er Storm.

Storm has this thing about the freshness of his water. He runs towards the sound of running water, and will whine for fresh water if the water in his bowl is more than a couple minutes old. He came to us spoiled like that, and we haven't been able to break him of it!

So, when he hears the water run for my bath, he moseys in there to get a drink. He doesn't care that the water is hot, it's fresh (well, as fresh as it could be with me sitting in it!). He climbs on the edge of the tub, and sniffs a couple times to make sure it's palatable. Takes a quick sip, and then digs in.

Eric has threatened me numerous times to push him in the tub with me, but has been met with the "you'll be sleeping on the couch for a month" look. I've thought about pushing him in when I'm done, but he's never in there then. Guess soapy water isn't his thing.

Well, today it happened. He didn't get pushed. I had just cleaned the tub before getting in, and I guess the edge was still wet. I also guess he was super thirsty, as he came running in. Got the picture in your head yet? Running cat, wet slippery bathtub?

Let's just say I've never been more thankful my cat is front declawed then today. Yes, I know, it's inhumane, and cruel, and painful, and I lost crunchy points by having him declawed. I'm ok with it. And my stomach is more than ok with it today!

I'm not sure if he'll ever get over the humiliation of slipping, losing his balance, and getting soaked. As he walked out of the bathroom, shaking one paw at a time to get the water off, he turned and gave me a look of utter contempt, and I almost felt like it was my fault. That didn't take long to wear off, as the laughter took over.

Sorry cat.