Saturday, June 28, 2008


Eric and I went to see a movie tonight. It was his turn to pick, and he wanted to see "Wanted". Look at the preview, looks ok. Typical action/guy movie, but the actor looks cute, so do-able. In hindsight, I should have looked at the non-pg rated preview.

It has to be the most gory movie I've ever seen that wasn't a dedicated horror movie (which I don't like either). Blood and tissue splattering just doesn't do it for me. And there wasn't much acting to take note of. The special effects were pretty good, great if you like gore.

There are jobs that I wouldn't take or pursue (not that I'd really pursue any job!) because they involve blood and ick. So if I wouldn't deal with it while getting paid, why in the world did I just fork over $18 for two tickets to see it?

Eric's not allowed to pick movies anymore.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

There really was an owl!

Eric and I went out for dinner (love Logan's Steakhouse 2 for $15 on Mon and Tues!!) the other night and heard the mysterious owl when we came home. We grabbed the flashlights and proceeded to look for the real thing since it sounded pretty close.

It was close, and close enough that I could get a picture. Eric held one flashlight, Chrissy held the other, and I set the camera to auto and used the flash (no way was I trying to fool with it in pitch dark!).

And there he/she is. In all her weird for an owl sounding glory. She doesn't hoot - she kinda does a cross between a hoot and a screech, and it's very obnoxious actually.

So we look at her for a bit, and get ready to go inside, when Kivett points and yells (he has two volumes, loud and louder) - "Look - there's two!!". We all turn and look.

He's pointing at the plastic bag...

Monday, June 23, 2008

Morning at the beach, with a little history lesson thrown in

Last year we went to the beach every week during the summer. Now I'm not sure if I want to spend the $25 dollars in gas to make the trip each week this year, but if we continue to carpool, it can be doable. It's that whole responsible adult thing again. The extra $100/mo on the credit card is more responsible then the beach. But I can't buy memories for my kids either...

Kian had his first taste of beach sand. Maybe the minerals in it make it nutritious and make it tase good?? I tried to sit my fat rear in a tube and float, but ended up flipping upside down and over. A little too top heavy I think!

We also went across the road to the intercoastal, and got to watch about 7 manatee play 5 feet away from us. The water was a bit muddy, so we couldn't see their bodies well. Since the rocks were 2 feet from where I was standing, I'm assuming the water gets deep pretty quickly right there. I could have reached out and touched them if I had wanted to. They were very curious, and after initially swimming off, came right back. The white line down this ones back is a huge scar. The waterways are a very dangerous place for these guys.

We showered, ate lunch and played on the playground a bit. Nice relaxing morning! On the way home we decided to stop at the sugar mill ruins in New Smyrna. I can't tell you how many times we've passed it, and have never stopped. It was pretty cool. So the kids got a mini history lesson as well.

We made one more stop on the way home. It was right off the highway. One of the people that I carpooled with is very involved in the Lake Helen community, so I though she might know what this place that I'd always been curious about was. She thought it may be an old community cemetery, but wasn't sure. So we made a quick little detour, and found out that it was indeed. But not just old - there were new graves there as well. It was very interesting, and could see the family tree spread out in front of you. There were quite a few of the founding families of the town buried there. It's really amazing what you can learn about a family just by visiting a cemetery.

This one made me sad. The one in the background appears to be mom. Her little brother (1899-1904) is next to her. It appears that mom/Queenie died bringing Elsie into the world. What appears to be Elsie's brother is to the right of her (not in the picture), so Queenie left behind a newborn and a 2 year old. So sad.

This one I thought was really unique. I've seen a lot of grave coverings at cemeteries in this area, but none quite like this. It's all brick, and old enough that the rains have worn some parts of the actual bricks down. The mortar must be made of something a little more resilient, since it wasn't affected as much.

If you want to take a peek at more of the pictures I took today - they're here

Thursday, June 19, 2008

I get 11mpg in my van

And with rising gas costs, it makes me want one of these. Is it not the coolest thing ever? Of course, I can't read the website because it's in Dutch??? I believe :) And there's even trailers you can buy to put on the back!!

Being able to walk or bike places is something we really can't do with where we live right now. Eric and I have discussed many times our "dream house". Acreage, with no neighbors. And I mean LOTS of acreage. Or the idea of living in a small town/city that we could walk or bike to stores, the library, post office, etc is also appealing. We actually live only 3 miles from our dentist (where we seem to spend a LOT of time), the grocery store, a couple department stores, etc. But there's a couple semi-busy roads with no sidewalks that we'd have to take to get there. And one major road crossing. I'm just not confident of my little ones biking capabilities to stay safe in that situation. Heck - even my 12 year old had to be told he couldn't ride in the middle of the street at a friends house! Living on a dead end of dirt road has a lot of advantages, but my kids do miss out on some learning experiences.

But think about all the gas I'd save, and all the weight I'd lose and muscle I'd build! I really like the idea of the kids being in front rather behind in a trailer. There must be some advantage, because all the Danish sites I've looked at have them in the front too.

So, who loves me enough to buy me 3 of those (For me, Eric, and Chrissy - someone needs to haul the groceries!), and import them?? This site is even in English!

Hmmm... I think we may be white trash.

Our house is up for sale. So is the one at the end of the street. So occasionally we get people down our dead end street looking at them. Either that or they're lost.

The baby is taking a much needed nap, so I lock the door send the kids outside to play. I'm sitting on my butt as usual, in front of the window. We have ants in FL. Killer ants. No, really. OK, so they just hurt like nothing else when they bite. We try to keep them under control with toxic chemicals organic pesticides, but we've been lax lately, and we've had a few ant hills pop up.

So, Aislinn steps on one, and is screaming, turning the hose on to wash them off. Kivett (sweet big brother that he is) comes over to help. Alannah comes to watch. She's naked btw. Guess she won't have tan lines this summer either. She then steps into the same pile Aislinn just disturbed, and starts freaking out as well. This gets the 2 hound dogs that are tied to the tree in the front adding to the mix.

So picture it - Alannah naked, Aislinn taking her clothes off, Kivett spraying everyong with the hose, and the tied up hound dogs going nuts. And then a realtor drives by. I don't think they'll have much luck selling that house down the street.

The only thing that's missing is the toilet planter. I already have 3 cars parked in the yard, and bikes and toys all over. At least we don't have the chickens anymore!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I miss my kids

Don't tell them!! OK, they actually know. I don't do letters, but I wish they could get email while they were at camp. By the time I wrote something, actually found a stamp to mail it, and remembered to stick it in the mailbox, they'd be home. So no point really.

And for those of you thinking that it's because of all the help they are - you're WRONG!!! :) Things are actually going really well (almost better really). There's no trying to drag teenagers out of the bed in the morning, all the other kids are up and ready to go at ungodly hours. And I actually like that. It feels like we have more time in the day now. So, unfortunately for Mikhail and Chrissy, we'll be continuing this trend when they get home. And I'll be dragging their butts out of bed by 7:30 with everyone else. Hey- I 'm being nice. The other kids wake up anywhere between 6:30 and 7, and I'm up at 6ish trying to convince Kian to stay asleep so I can. It usually works, but I have to hold him and bounce him a bit, so I end up wide awake anyways.

I miss conversations with Chrissy. She's starting to be close enough to an adult that they go pretty well. I miss seeing Mikhail play and snuggle the baby. I can't believe how much he's changed in the last 7 months. He's really starting to grow up. I miss the stupid things they do that make me roll my eyes and laugh.

Only 3 more days, and I get my kids back!!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

How to waste a day

Ok, so I really didn't waste it, but I didn't get anything super productive done. I worked on a video/slideshow of the pictures from Kian's birth. For 4+ hours! No laundry done, kids fed themselves (except Kian of course), and who knows what my house looks like now. I'm scared to go look. Kiera made pumpkin muffins (which are now gone). And for a flashback of the last time we made them - a picture from the day Kian was born. Poor Alannah - she's not quite sure of everything that's going on.

I have to say, looking at fresh baby pictures doesn't do anything for baby lust. And then there's evil friends that shove even more in my face (you know who you are!). Of course, having the sweetest and cutest baby ever is a lot of incentive to do it all over again too. But enough on the baby talk. I've got time to kill while trying to upload an almost 500MB video - it's slow going.

Chrissy and Mikhail made it to camp today. I won't be able to talk to them again until Sat. They had a great time at my in-laws - grandma took them white water river rafting (and paranoid me had a heart attack!). I actually can't wait to see the pictures from that - they took a waterproof disposable camera with them, so it should be interesting. I hope Chrissy took the pictures, she's much better with a camera then Mikhail.

Blah - only 1/10 of the way there in uploading, and it's been going for 10 minutes already. I'm scared my laptop is going to start "hibernating" if I leave it! Which wouldn't be a big deal if I hadn't been sitting here for so long already. I have things to do!!!

Friday, June 13, 2008

I just tried to take a picture of a plastic bag

Yes, I just spent 20 minutes outside, in mosquito infested FL (at prime biting time no less), trying to take a picture of a plastic bag.

In a tree.

No, I wasn't in the tree. The plastic bag was! And why did I want to take it's picture? I didn't actually.

When we got home from the store this evening, we and saw and heard a couple owls. I had to take the screaming baby in (he cut his first tooth today!!!!) and put him to bed. The kids stayed outside to look at the owl. After cranky was asleep, I grabbed the camera. Kivett points me to the owl. I can't find the quick mount thingy for my tripod, so I set up on top of a garbage can and a skateboard. I knew I couldn't even begin to hold still for the slow shutter speed the picture would take, and that's what was available at the moment. It was dark enough that my camera wouldn't even auto focus. So I take a couple pictures, and I'm disappointed that you can't even tell the blob is an owl.

So I figure, what the heck, I'll get closer and use the flash, and risk it flying away. Hmm, still not looking very owl-y. Get the camera off my face, and try to get a closer look. And, lo and behold, it's a plastic bag. One of my bratty sweet children must have thrown it up there. I'll have to thank them later. I'm thinking they can put itchy relief stuff (I'm being real technical with terms tonight!) on all the mosquito bites to make it up to me.

And no, I won't be posting any pictures of the plastic bag/owl for you to point and laugh at. I figure I'm giving you enough reason to do so with out them!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I said goodbye to 2 kids today

For a week and a half. It's going to be a LONG week and a half, and I'm going to miss them terribly. They're such good kids, even though I often try to play down how great they are!

My oldest 2 got on a plane all by themselves today to go visit my in-laws in NC. Then the in-laws will be taking them to summer camp on Monday, and they drive home with the rest of the group on the 21st.

I wasn't allowed to go to the gate with them. They would only allow one adult, so I stayed with the rest of the kids, and Eric walked them through security. I'm really glad he stayed home from work, since I wouldn't have been able to take them to the gate with everyone tagging along.

My last view of them - going up the escalator. Mikhail was a bit nervous - this is his first plane ride that he'll remember. The real first was when he was 2 weeks old and I took both kids to NY by myself. Yes, I was young and crazy.

And if you ever wonder if you really need to get to the airport 2hrs ahead of time? Even in a dinky airport like the one they left from, this was what we were met with. I was able to drop them off with Eric, go get gas and breakfast, park and unload everyone, and they were still only half way through the line.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Stuck up people

Do you think they know that they're stuck up? Do they care? Well, I've actually heard someone say before that they knew they were stuck up, but they didn't care what other people thought of them. Going to be hard to have no friends down the road with that attitude!

OK, so I know everyone's view of stuck up is different, and I'll even make the assumption that every person is self centered in one way or another (even me - gasp!!). But then there's those people whose world clearly revolves around themselves. I have to say that it's fun to watch them.

It's especially fun to watch them at gatherings with people that they know don't like them, or where things might be tense. It's actually sad in a way to see someone clearly have to make an effort to be nice. I wonder what goes through their head on a regular basis if they have to try that hard. And then still fail with little slips here and there that shows their true self.

Their attitude shows that they obviously think that they're better than others (everyone). I wonder if they realize that the people they think they're better than them don't share that opinion, and that their reaction is pity? Yes, I pity the person who is so full of themselves that they have no regard for the consequences of the harsh and uncaring things that spew out of their mouth. Because one day it's going to catch up with them. The evil twin side of me wants to be there to watch when it does! But I'll be good, and hope that their lives stay peaceful and happy. It's all about karma!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Being a Responsible Adult

I hate it! There are days that I want to just go back to being a kid. No worries about the real issues in life.

Worrying about what I'm going to wear tomorrow to school to impress that guy wasn't as stressful as budgeting. Or what color to dye my hair, compared to getting kids ready for a 2 week trip (after doing said budgeting).

I was bad last month. I spent ALL my fun money. Which wouldn't be an issue, but I just spent all of June's too. Which makes June no fun. I want FUN! Sea World (planning on going Tues) isn't as fun when you either have to go around meal times, or take food. Shopping for clothes so your kids don't run out on a trip (only time a limited wardrobe is bad) when you have a strict budget isn't as fun.

I want to be irresponsible, and spend money I don't have. Or the bill money. I could do a lot of shopping and eating out with the money that goes to the mortgage company. But I think my husband and kids appreciate having a house. And food. And electricity. To keep myself in check, I already set up payments for all the bills. So I can't forget (conveniently or not!).

Really, sometimes being an adult sucks!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

My kind of knitting project

For those of you that don't know, I'm not very patient. I'll lose interest in things very quickly if they start taking too long. For that reason, I've only ever completed 1 knitted thing on my own. I've paid people to finish things for me! I also tend to not pick out things to sew that are so complicated that they take a long time either. They just end up in a bin to be finished later (usually never).

I started this last night. It's a sample for something I'm making for a friend. I've never used needles this big before (15mm) and with this chunky to thin yarn, I'm loving it (the texture is awesome). The yarn is from my stash. I'm not sure why I have a yarn stash, but I love to buy yarn. And yes, I'm using circular needles. I'm a klutz and constantly drop straights and have to put all the stitches back on!

I'm not a fast knitter by any means, and I've only got a little over an hour into this project, and I'm a third of the way done, if not more. This will be the perfect thing to take along to sit at the dentist waiting (with 7 kids, we spend a lot of time there). And it's almost like instant gratification! Which is so me :)

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Breastfeeding doesn't cause saggy boobs

It's six month olds that do it. And if you've ever nursed a 6 month old, you know what I'm talking about. I can tell a toddler if they're not still the milk goes away. Kian doesn't quite get that yet. And there's so much going on in the world around him, he can't be bothered to stop nursing to look at it all. Even if it's behind him.

He's actually trying to perfect the technique of looking around without loosing his latch. He doesn't got it quite down yet, and my poor chest gets to act like a rubber band. Soon it's going to stop going back. Doesn't he realize that they've already played this game 6 times?? They don't have much left in them!

Instead of asking my kids to help me in my old age, I'm going to ask for them to chip in for my boob job. There's no way these girls are going to look good when I'm done nursing. They're half saggy and deflated now, imagine when they're no longer producing? Scary...

Monday, June 2, 2008

There's never enough time in the day

And yet, I waste so much of it. Boggles my mind really.

There's so much I want to do today, and here I sit, on the computer. I can pretend I'm doing something important by babbling here, but really - I need to get up and MOVE!

I have the blahs. I'm tired. I'm achy. My bones and muscles actually protest when I want them to move. Really! I can hear them scream! I really shouldn't give in to them, but I do.

I'm working on a new camera bag. I can't use my sling style one with Kian on my back (in the ergo carrier). I think I have it figured out, and I should be working on it, but here I sit. I'm excited about the fabrics I bought for it, and some others I had to have just because. They're wonderful - aren't they? And so me. I couldn't have designed something so suited to my style better myself. I just had to travel to Alabama to find them.

I love coffee. At least I love to smell it. I'm not too keen on the taste, though Starbucks and the little local coffee shop are doing a small part to change that. I still prefer my Chai Tea latte made with cream instead of milk and whipped cream on top. Nice and thick, and the whipped cream is divine dipped into the tea and eaten with a spoon. I just wish I wanted something hot to drink when it's close to 100 degrees outside. I'm sorry - the idea of iced coffee just icks me out. I'm not sure why - I actually like the Jamocha shakes from Arby's (slightly coffee flavored chocolate). These are the others I picked up. I saw them and about swooned. I'll be using the polka dots and swirly stripes for a new wallet and keychain. They'll make me think of my mama every time I use them. She loved coffee, and I think that's why the smell makes me so happy.

OK, I'm really getting up now. Actually, I have to go take the pictures of my fabric to put in this entry! Hear my legs screaming??

OK, done. Supposedly there's a way to get my pictures in here directly from flickr, but I haven't figured it out yet, and I'm not sure I want to give my brain that much of a work out to do it. So I'm doing it the regular way.