Eric and I went to see a movie tonight. It was his turn to pick, and he wanted to see "Wanted". Look at the preview, looks ok. Typical action/guy movie, but the actor looks cute, so do-able. In hindsight, I should have looked at the non-pg rated preview.

It has to be the most gory movie I've ever seen that wasn't a dedicated horror movie (which I don't like either). Blood and tissue splattering just doesn't do it for me. And there wasn't much acting to take note of. The special effects were pretty good, great if you like gore.

There are jobs that I wouldn't take or pursue (not that I'd really pursue any job!) because they involve blood and ick. So if I wouldn't deal with it while getting paid, why in the world did I just fork over $18 for two tickets to see it?

Eric's not allowed to pick movies anymore.


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