Morning at the beach, with a little history lesson thrown in

Last year we went to the beach every week during the summer. Now I'm not sure if I want to spend the $25 dollars in gas to make the trip each week this year, but if we continue to carpool, it can be doable. It's that whole responsible adult thing again. The extra $100/mo on the credit card is more responsible then the beach. But I can't buy memories for my kids either...

Kian had his first taste of beach sand. Maybe the minerals in it make it nutritious and make it tase good?? I tried to sit my fat rear in a tube and float, but ended up flipping upside down and over. A little too top heavy I think!

We also went across the road to the intercoastal, and got to watch about 7 manatee play 5 feet away from us. The water was a bit muddy, so we couldn't see their bodies well. Since the rocks were 2 feet from where I was standing, I'm assuming the water gets deep pretty quickly right there. I could have reached out and touched them if I had wanted to. They were very curious, and after initially swimming off, came right back. The white line down this ones back is a huge scar. The waterways are a very dangerous place for these guys.

We showered, ate lunch and played on the playground a bit. Nice relaxing morning! On the way home we decided to stop at the sugar mill ruins in New Smyrna. I can't tell you how many times we've passed it, and have never stopped. It was pretty cool. So the kids got a mini history lesson as well.

We made one more stop on the way home. It was right off the highway. One of the people that I carpooled with is very involved in the Lake Helen community, so I though she might know what this place that I'd always been curious about was. She thought it may be an old community cemetery, but wasn't sure. So we made a quick little detour, and found out that it was indeed. But not just old - there were new graves there as well. It was very interesting, and could see the family tree spread out in front of you. There were quite a few of the founding families of the town buried there. It's really amazing what you can learn about a family just by visiting a cemetery.

This one made me sad. The one in the background appears to be mom. Her little brother (1899-1904) is next to her. It appears that mom/Queenie died bringing Elsie into the world. What appears to be Elsie's brother is to the right of her (not in the picture), so Queenie left behind a newborn and a 2 year old. So sad.

This one I thought was really unique. I've seen a lot of grave coverings at cemeteries in this area, but none quite like this. It's all brick, and old enough that the rains have worn some parts of the actual bricks down. The mortar must be made of something a little more resilient, since it wasn't affected as much.

If you want to take a peek at more of the pictures I took today - they're here


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looks like a great day!

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