My kind of knitting project

For those of you that don't know, I'm not very patient. I'll lose interest in things very quickly if they start taking too long. For that reason, I've only ever completed 1 knitted thing on my own. I've paid people to finish things for me! I also tend to not pick out things to sew that are so complicated that they take a long time either. They just end up in a bin to be finished later (usually never).

I started this last night. It's a sample for something I'm making for a friend. I've never used needles this big before (15mm) and with this chunky to thin yarn, I'm loving it (the texture is awesome). The yarn is from my stash. I'm not sure why I have a yarn stash, but I love to buy yarn. And yes, I'm using circular needles. I'm a klutz and constantly drop straights and have to put all the stitches back on!

I'm not a fast knitter by any means, and I've only got a little over an hour into this project, and I'm a third of the way done, if not more. This will be the perfect thing to take along to sit at the dentist waiting (with 7 kids, we spend a lot of time there). And it's almost like instant gratification! Which is so me :)


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