How to waste a day

Ok, so I really didn't waste it, but I didn't get anything super productive done. I worked on a video/slideshow of the pictures from Kian's birth. For 4+ hours! No laundry done, kids fed themselves (except Kian of course), and who knows what my house looks like now. I'm scared to go look. Kiera made pumpkin muffins (which are now gone). And for a flashback of the last time we made them - a picture from the day Kian was born. Poor Alannah - she's not quite sure of everything that's going on.

I have to say, looking at fresh baby pictures doesn't do anything for baby lust. And then there's evil friends that shove even more in my face (you know who you are!). Of course, having the sweetest and cutest baby ever is a lot of incentive to do it all over again too. But enough on the baby talk. I've got time to kill while trying to upload an almost 500MB video - it's slow going.

Chrissy and Mikhail made it to camp today. I won't be able to talk to them again until Sat. They had a great time at my in-laws - grandma took them white water river rafting (and paranoid me had a heart attack!). I actually can't wait to see the pictures from that - they took a waterproof disposable camera with them, so it should be interesting. I hope Chrissy took the pictures, she's much better with a camera then Mikhail.

Blah - only 1/10 of the way there in uploading, and it's been going for 10 minutes already. I'm scared my laptop is going to start "hibernating" if I leave it! Which wouldn't be a big deal if I hadn't been sitting here for so long already. I have things to do!!!


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