Hmmm... I think we may be white trash.

Our house is up for sale. So is the one at the end of the street. So occasionally we get people down our dead end street looking at them. Either that or they're lost.

The baby is taking a much needed nap, so I lock the door send the kids outside to play. I'm sitting on my butt as usual, in front of the window. We have ants in FL. Killer ants. No, really. OK, so they just hurt like nothing else when they bite. We try to keep them under control with toxic chemicals organic pesticides, but we've been lax lately, and we've had a few ant hills pop up.

So, Aislinn steps on one, and is screaming, turning the hose on to wash them off. Kivett (sweet big brother that he is) comes over to help. Alannah comes to watch. She's naked btw. Guess she won't have tan lines this summer either. She then steps into the same pile Aislinn just disturbed, and starts freaking out as well. This gets the 2 hound dogs that are tied to the tree in the front adding to the mix.

So picture it - Alannah naked, Aislinn taking her clothes off, Kivett spraying everyong with the hose, and the tied up hound dogs going nuts. And then a realtor drives by. I don't think they'll have much luck selling that house down the street.

The only thing that's missing is the toilet planter. I already have 3 cars parked in the yard, and bikes and toys all over. At least we don't have the chickens anymore!


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