I just tried to take a picture of a plastic bag

Yes, I just spent 20 minutes outside, in mosquito infested FL (at prime biting time no less), trying to take a picture of a plastic bag.

In a tree.

No, I wasn't in the tree. The plastic bag was! And why did I want to take it's picture? I didn't actually.

When we got home from the store this evening, we and saw and heard a couple owls. I had to take the screaming baby in (he cut his first tooth today!!!!) and put him to bed. The kids stayed outside to look at the owl. After cranky was asleep, I grabbed the camera. Kivett points me to the owl. I can't find the quick mount thingy for my tripod, so I set up on top of a garbage can and a skateboard. I knew I couldn't even begin to hold still for the slow shutter speed the picture would take, and that's what was available at the moment. It was dark enough that my camera wouldn't even auto focus. So I take a couple pictures, and I'm disappointed that you can't even tell the blob is an owl.

So I figure, what the heck, I'll get closer and use the flash, and risk it flying away. Hmm, still not looking very owl-y. Get the camera off my face, and try to get a closer look. And, lo and behold, it's a plastic bag. One of my bratty sweet children must have thrown it up there. I'll have to thank them later. I'm thinking they can put itchy relief stuff (I'm being real technical with terms tonight!) on all the mosquito bites to make it up to me.

And no, I won't be posting any pictures of the plastic bag/owl for you to point and laugh at. I figure I'm giving you enough reason to do so with out them!


Anonymous said…
This could open up a new hobby/art form. You could try to get a shot of everykind of bag there is. You could classify them by whether they're tree dwelling, foreign or domestic, etc. This could reslly catch on! :-)

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