Saturday, May 31, 2008

Sometimes I scare myself - maybe I am crazy

Eric (my husband for those of you that don't know) and I were talking this evening as we sit on the computer and all the kids are in bed. I asked him what he was doing, he said checking the news (crap - we missed the shuttle launch!). I mentioned a motorcycle accident that I had heard about earlier today, and asked if he had heard about. I tend to be on the paranoid side, and he rides a motorcycle to and from work everyday. So hearing about accidents makes me a bit nervous. I also tend to obsess a bit. Just a bit.

So, we start discussing what the other would do if something happened to one of us. And it hits me, if something happened to him, we couldn't have any more babies. Getting pregnant again is something I'm really looking forward to in the next year. It's almost killing me to wait, but I need to for a couple reasons. Being able to nurse Kian for a full year at least is the biggest one.

So, we joke around saying I could use a sperm donor. But I like having his babies. Not some random guy's. I tell him that I'm going to keep him on life support until I can harvest his stuff - is he ok with that? He says sure. So, I'm playing my game online, thinking a bit, and have a great revelation. We should just collect and freeze his spermies for a later date now. And then I wouldn't have to worry about it!! He laughs. I laugh. And I think I'm half serious. I ask him if he knows this - and his reply?

"Yes, and that's what scares me".

So there you have it. I scare my husband.

And for disclaimer - no, we won't be doing any of the above. And if he dies before I'm done having kids, I'm just going to have to kill him!

Friday, May 30, 2008

New link on the side

Over there -------> in my "places I like to visit". Only, this is a place I wish I didn't have to visit. Lifting up Serenity. An online friend I've "known" for quite a few years got news that most parents dread a few days ago. Their sweet baby girl has cancer. Their website has a blog to keep us updated on her journey.

The more people praying for and lifting up this little girl, the better. Cancer is such an evil thing, and the struggle this family is going to face over the next few months and years is going to be rough. And not just medically. So please, keep them in your thoughts and prayers!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

These monkies won't be jumping on the bed

I needed to make something cute for Kian's 6mo pictures (yes, I'm late!) and when Lisa told me that the quilt store near her house had the Moda Sock Monkey fabric, I knew what I needed to do. So we schlepped over there with both babies when I went to visit last weekend. Amazing quilt store. I wish I had thought to bring my camera - it really was worth taking pictures of! And the people working and shopping there were exactly what you think of when you think of southern women. They were so helpful, kind, and just full of joy at seeing two babies. Kian got fussy in the ergo, and I think three different ladies ended up holding him for me so we could shop. I have to say, I would never do that here. One more thing to confirm that central FL is NOT the south. I can't wait to go back again next time I visit. And I'll make sure I have more money then too!

So, after hours of cutting, ripping, sewing, and top stitching - I ended up with about a half yard of sock monkey patchwork fabric. I now know why pre-patched fabric is so stinking expensive! And mine is no where near perfect. But I'm in love. This ranks up there is one of my most favorite things I've sewn. And as tedious as it was, I believe I will be making some more.

I made some mistakes when cutting them out (and I tried SO hard not to since there wasn't much fabric), but we were able to salvage everything that I screwed up to get these bloomers for sweet Olivia, and shorts for Kian. Kian will be getting a matching bucket hat (not out of patchwork though) in the near future.

Kian was absolutely enthralled with Olivia. Now, we just need to teach him how to be gentle. It will be really fun watching these two grow up as friends!

We also had a mini photo shoot while I was there. These two are my favorites of Lisa's youngest girls. The one of Riley shows what she looked like before she got a hold of the scissors later that day. That is one three year old that makes me thankful for my screeching three year old! I'll take noise and burst ear drums over the trouble that little girl gets herself into.

Friday, May 23, 2008

I'm tempted to steal a baby

I'm visiting a friend, and her new 4 week old baby girl. And she's gorgeous, and tiny, and I want to sneak her away back to my house. It's amazing how much bigger my baby looks now!

I'm having a ton of fun taking her picture too. She's not old enough to whine about it, and she doesn't move much.

There's just something about baby toes that does me in. I could sit here and look at them, smell them (no - I'm not weird!!!), and just snuggle baby feet all day. Is there anything else as perfect?

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Taking a self portrait is HARD -aka new glasses :)

I got my new glasses today. Yeah! I can see! Other people are safe on the road again! OK, so it really wasn't that bad, but I had an anti-glare thing put on, which is supposed to help keep the headaches away when I spend hours upon hours online, and help me see a bit better at night too. I hate driving at night because my distance perception is BAD.

So, I figured I'd take a self portrait so I could show everyone. I've discovered that it's very hard. Even using a tripod, getting the 12 year old to stand in your place so that you can get the exposure and focus right (and wearing your glasses with his eyes closed so you get figure out which angle is best for no glare), and a self timer. And then resorting to getting the kid to press the button for you because the focus is still off. I've decided I need a remote. Not that I take pictures of myself very often, but it sure would make the process a heck of a lot easier. And I would like better pictures when I'm showing off things I've made for myself.

So, I bring you my new glasses. They're light - much better then the plastic frames of my childhood. And I hope they make me look a tiny bit younger. Or maybe just not so blah. I've been feeling very blah lately.

Looking at pictures of myself recently has motivated more than anything else to start exercising. I was lifting my chin in this picture to try to get rid of the double one. It didn't work as much as I would have liked, but that's ok. Just means I need to spend more time running. I'll tell you about that later :)

And proof that I really did make Mikhail help me. He'll pretend that he hated every single torturous second of it, but he asked me when we were done if the glasses looked good on him! Besides, it got him out of his chores for about 10 minutes.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

I'm always amazed at the things kids come up with

To keep from going to bed.

As I sit here contemplating never moving again (exercise can do that to you I'm discovering), my oldest son gets out of the bed that he's been in for 2 hours, to tell me about something he saw at the store last week. Because you know it was just so important it couldn't wait until tomorrow. Or next week even. Granted, I'm semi thankful as it was something I've been window shopping for, comparing features and prices. But it's not like I'm going out tomorrow to get it.

And of course when he gets up, it's like everyone else automatically has permission to get up as well. One kid didn't get their good night hug and kiss. One needs to go to the bathroom again.

Someone is afraid of the dark tonight. Someone else can't sleep with the light, or even the hallway light on. Can't shut the door - that's too scary.

Mom - there's something making noise outside my window (putting a pond next to kids' bedroom windows will not be something I do again!). I can't sleep (because you've been reading a book with the night light). The oldest thinks she's exempt from bedtime, and is the worst to get into and stay into bed. She's also the hardest to get up in the morning.

Why does bedtime have to be such an ordeal? Why does it need to last 2-3 hours? Don't they understand that this is MY time? Some people (the ones that are getting OLD!!) have their "me" time in the morning. I only get up when I absolutely have to. And thanks to a nice squishy 6 month old, that's much to early to even comprehend that I'm having "me" time.

And my husband doesn't help. If by some miracle everyone is in bed (their OWN) and asleep before he's comatose, he's bugging me. Like right now. He's asked me at least 3 times if I'm coming to bed. In the last 5 minutes. It would serve him right if I dragged the laptop into bed with me and ignored him :)

Saturday, May 17, 2008

I have a gripe

This is aimed at parents of children that have big families.

1. Child #4,5,6,7...12 is just as special and important as child number 1. Go see them as a baby. Mom needs just as much love and support as the first time. Yes, she chose to have that baby, but that doesn't excuse you from having common decency. And buy/bring a gift, just like you did for the first one.

2. We don't have lots of kids to make you happy or unhappy. We do it because we love them. Any happiness that they bring you is a bonus. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't treasure them.

3. Yes, we know what causes it. That doesn't mean that it's any of your business how often we do that certain thing, and if we're trying to avoid a pregnancy.

4. Just because I don't feel good, doesn't mean I'm pregnant.

5. And the right response when you ask me the above question under those circumstances, and the answer is no, isn't "Thank God". Manners - remember your mom did her best to instill them in you?

6. We try out best to love you. But nothing discourages us showing that love more than you questioning and criticizing the size of my family.

7. Please don't complain how much my choice in family size costs you at Christmas. It's tacky. My kids don't care. Don't you think it's expensive for me too? Do what you can. It's ok.

8. When I tell you I'm pregnant, the correct response is Congratulations. If anything else comes out of your mouth, it should be all positive. If there's nothing positive for you to say, remember the manners your mother taught you. And then lie. It will do wonders for the relationship we have.

9. There's no rule that you have to spend time with all the kids at the same time. My kids DO notice when you spend time with their cousins, but not with them. If you can't handle all of them, that's fine, there's days I can't either. But take 1 or 2 at a time. Make that effort please. They'll notice, and so will I.

10. I'm not crazy. Please don't tell your friends, or strangers that I am. It makes you look bad. Remember - you raised me.

Sewing "just becase"

Sometimes it's nice to sew just to sew. Not because somebody needs something, or for an order. But just because I want to. I haven't done that kind of sewing for my kids in a LONG time. But for once they have just about everything they need, and then some. My littler ones are easier to please, especially if they can't talk yet, so they tend to get most of my "creations".

I saw this outfit in the newest Ottobre, and fell in love. They did it in black on white linen, but there's no way that's reasonable for my 3 year old to wear! We just don't do white in this house! So I used this paisley fabric I found at my local quilt shop. The best part, besides falling in love with it when I saw it, was that it was on sale!! It was hard to photograph though. It wanted to look washed out. And while it's not a bright fabric, it's not dull either.

OK, enough babbling, and on to the pictures!! This is the "tie-back tunic". I think for this size (the smallest) the ties could have been longer. It was hard to get the bows. The pants are the "Daisy" pants.

Here's some close-ups of some of the details on the pants. The ties at the legs can either be pulled tight like they are here to make them look like long bloomers, or left loose so they look like wide legged capris. I didn't have any pink ribbon, so I used that yellow. I will be changing it! I love the little gathers and contrast on the pocket. It's too bad the tunic covers them. I'll have to make some matching tees for her to wear with them too so that they get to show occasionally.

See how short the ties are? And she did NOT want to hold still for me to tie all 3 of them perfectly!

I really do love this outfit on her. I hope she picks it out to wear often! If you want to see bigger pictures - you can look here.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Chocolate chip cookies are evil.

I've been blessed with girls (and boys!) that love to cook and bake. Hopefully they'll continue to do so as I get to old age, and they move out, so I don't starve. I promise I would otherwise!

Today Kiera and Aislinn conquered chocolate chip cookies. I forgot to tell them to put walnuts in them, but they were better than any I've ever made. And rivaled many I've had before. It's amazing how something so simple can go so awry. And how it can be so divine as well.

I'm not going to even think about the amount of exercise I would have to do to even out the amount of cookies I ate. It would be way too much, and I wouldn't do it anyways. I'm not in the mood to feel guilt. Though maybe I should, since I was looking at pictures of me earlier today and thinking about how big I looked!

This is what's left. Makes you hungry, huh?

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Happy Birthday sweet baby girl!

My baby turns 3 today. No - she's not really the baby any more, but I consider my 15 year old my baby still too. So there you go!

From this little thing - just 6lbs 4oz of pure sweetness

To this sweet thing- though the percentage of sweetness is getting less - as the 3 year old mentality takes over. But she still loves to snuggle, and every night as she's laying in bed with me, going to sleep, she points at the baby pictures of her on the wall
and says "I was a baby". It used to be "I am a baby". My baby girl is growing up

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Double duty

One of the things I love about my house is the sprinkler system. Easy to keep the lawn nice and pretty when you're trying to sell the house, and lots of fun for the kids. Plus a nice and easy way to cool off during 90 degree weather. No hose to drag out, or sprinkler to set up. Just press a little button, and it's ready to go!

She insisted that the romper was a "shirt". I wasn't up for arguing. Plus she's wearing her older sister's bathing suit, and it's a little, umm, saggy.

There's nothing like running through a COLD sprinkler on a hot day. For a kid anyways. I prefer heated pools - even on a hot day. Guess I really am getting old!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

One of THOSE days.

Everyone's had them, right? You know, the days when if it could happen, it will? And if I'm the only one, take pity on me, make me feel better, and nod your head yes anyways.

I had high expectations for this day. Nothing to do at all except go to the eye Dr. I was even a bit excited. New glasses, hopefully new contacts that don't make me want to claw my eyes out, and the Dr is pretty cute too, to top it off. The day is actually pretty uneventful up to this point, besides the time I waste with this time suck. But eh, that's normal.

Get there, fill out paperwork and in I go! I don't get handsome, but it's really ok. I'm being my charming, somewhat sarcastic self, and I guess the Dr in training though it would be a good idea to try to be funny seeing that I had a sense of humor and all. He notices that I have kids (I had my oldest and youngest boys with me) and mentions that I must have my hands full. Okaaayyyy. I realize not everyone has what it takes to have more than one kid, or even one kid. But when I only had 2 kids, NO ONE told me I had my hands full (except for a brief period when #2 was a newborn). So I casually mention that I have 7. SEVEN!!! The shock was quite apparent. Then he tries to be funny. "Well, we really need to make sure you can see well so you can keep an eye on them all!".' And not with laughter. Yes, before I came to see you, they were all running wild, getting into all sorts of trouble, because I can only focus on things 3 feet in front of my face. Thank you for saving me and them.

OK, so we get past Mr. "doesn't have a clue how to be funny" and Mr handsome comes in. He even saves me money, so I'm in my happy place again. Then he puts the drops from hell in my eyes. Gives me a tissue - nice yellow drops they were! These drops are to keep your eyes from working correctly when insanely bright lights are shone into them. Something about eye diseases and stuff I guess - I'm not sure since my brain went on strike with the instant headache I got with the bright lights. And I can't even wear my new contacts now until tomorrow. Blah.

We're done. Oops!! Not yet, sigh. I hear my baby fussing in the waiting room (we've been there almost 2 hours now - I owe Mikhail BIG TIME). Instant wet shirt. Crap. So as I'm waiting for everyone to come back in the room to give me my contacts, solution, sign the waiver that doesn't hold them liable if I can't get my contacts out, I'm trying to rearrange my shirt so that the 3" wet spots right over my boobs isn't quite as noticeable. Not working well. But if I slouch down a bit, the big roll out in front makes creases in my shirt, and I can tuck the wet spots right in it. I'm sure it was attractive.

FINALLY!! Done. I get these really trendy sunglasses to wear since I forgot my clip-ons. Decide to feed the baby in the car, hoping the time out in the sun will dry my shirt before we go to the store. As we sit in the car, I discover that those lovely sunglasses don't do much when you're eyes are dilated to the size of quarters in the FL sun. But my shirt is drying. I feed the starving baby, and get on the road. We're good. Headache is getting worse, but still manageable. Plus I took a Tylenol I found in the bottom of my purse (yes, ick - and I really hope it was Tylenol!).

Get to the store, get everything I think we need. I know I'm forgetting something, but figure it must not be too important if I can't remember it, and I'm sure I will later. I have to run to the PO too, but I have to get home and get my clip-on sunglasses or I'm going to die.

Get home, grab glasses, dump boys off. Feels a bit warm in the house - figure someone's been playing with the AC. LONG LONG line at PO, but it's nice inside, and it's moving quickly. Get back home, and investigate why my house is so warm.

It's 86 freaking degrees in my house. I think it's cooler outside! Air's on. Well, at least the thermostat says the air is on. I don't hear anything running. Crap and double crap. Breakers are fine. The inside unit is running, but the fan outside isn't. And of course since I was in a hurry to get the the PO before it closed, and didn't check before, it's now after business hours so the best I can do is leave a message with the AC people. At least it's not August, when it only gets down to the high 70s at night, and my house will cool off a bit with all the windows open. I think it's supposed to be in the 60s (I really really hope). And there's a nice breeze. Did I say I have a headache yet? I'm really starting to doubt that pill was Tylenol.

Rush through dinner, scramble to get ready for church. Can't find Aislinn's other shoe. They were both RIGHT THERE five minutes ago. Car has a flat - hurry hook the air pump up. I pull the girls bed out to look for the shoe. It's a solid wood bunk bed. Heavy. Remembered what I forgot at the store. Ant baits and spray. Why did I remember? Because underneath the bed is swarming with ants. They're having a feast. A half eaten banana, some toast, something else unrecognizable. A dirty pull-up. I think I'm about to puke. And of course, now I'm all sweaty, I've got nastiness to clean up, and the AC doesn't work. Have I said I have a headache yet?

It HAS to get better right? Remember that breeze? Yeah - it's gone. So much for the house cooling off. It's down to 85. I want to take a bath. I'm not sure if it should be hot or cold, or both. I take a peek at myself in the mirror as I start the water. I've got nice YELLOW spots under my eyes. I guess I didn't wipe the extra crap off from the drops from hell.

But Eric took all the kids to church, and left me here to relax. And clean up from the rushed dinner, and put the bed back, and brave the nastiness of rotting food. Love ya too babe! I really don't think that was a Tylenol now.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Challenging myself

Everyone needs a kick in the butt occasionally. Especially me. I can spend hours online, doing absolutely nothing productive. And I've found myself in that kind of rut. It's easier then real life. There's all kinds of weirdos that make me look normal, and lots of people with problems that make mine look like nothing. But I need to get back to MY life.

All that to say, I want to sew more. So I'm challenging myself to make 1 garmet/outfit/item a day. It's not unsurmountable, I can do that and more. I just need to get off my butt and DO IT. But I think I need something to hold myself accountable, so I'll upload pictures every day of what I make. I won't post a new blog entry for each thing I sew, just pictures here. And once I figure out how - I'll add the link in the little empty sidebar thingy you see over there <-------- I have thoughts of opening an online shop (rather then just doing custom orders), and this is a step in the right direction.

And if you're like me, and procrastinating things you should, or want to do - I challenge you to do 1 thing a day to work towards your goal :)

Monday, May 5, 2008

Conversation: oral communication between persons

Yes, I had to look up the definition of conversation. Why? To show my dear husband.

We went on a "date" tonight, to go see a movie. He loves this type of date because he doesn't have to hold one of the aforementioned things. But we still have to drive there and back, so we either sit in silence for the 20 minutes it takes to get there, or I talk to myself.

I don't really talk to myself - at least he claims I don't. He listens (and selectively retains!), but I have to drag any type of response out of him. Unless of course I get lucky (not THAT type of lucky - get your mind out of the gutter!) and happen to broach a subject he has a keen interest in. Then he'll talk. But that doesn't happen often.

So tonight, we argued about the definition of conversation. He says we have one, because I'm talking. I say we don't, because there's no exchange of ideas or thoughts. So I promise to look it up when we get home. He was shocked that I did ( I don't know why, as I love to prove a point). He did like one of the definitions - if you want to know which one, go look here, and scroll down a bit. It won't take a rocket scientist to figure out which one he liked. He said we need to have more conversations. I wish he meant the definition in my title!

I wonder if it's a guy thing (like the inability for most men to multi-task), but then I think of the many men that can out talk most women. So nope, that's not an excuse. My husband is just an introvert, and it's something I must not of noticed when I married him. Either that or another attribute caused it to be overlooked...

My son really does own more than one shirt!

For anyone that recently looked at pictures I uploaded for my family - you'll see a striking similarity in a lot of the pictures of Kivett. And I was just reminded of this when I was playing with one I just took of him. He's wearing the same shirt. And most of the time, the same pair of shorts. If it weren't for his lazy, er frugal?, mom not getting his hair cut often , you'd think that they were all on the same day.

Want examples? Sure! I don't need much motivation to share pictures of my kids!

In order of appearance: Kian's birth, Christmas morning, at the park in Jan, Easter, and the other day.

He's had this shirt for well over a year. And besides that fact that he's inherited his father's quite annoying habit of chewing on his neckline, it's in amazing condition. As the pictures prove, he obviously wears it often. It helps me completely justify any shopping I do at Gymboree! Seriously - how many shirts would hold up to the rigors of a boy wearing it at least once a week, and all the climbing, riding, and exploring said boy does? I am in awe.

And if you want to be nosy, and see all the pictures I uploaded for my family, click here. If you're family, and you didn't get the link, it means I don't love you. Actually it means the email I have for you didn't work, and it's your job to make sure I have the right one!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

My baby has a shoe fetish.

Oh the things you learn about on the internet! I don't think I'll ever be shocked again, after the education that I've received after nursing 4 babies while attached to my computer with nothing else to do but browse online.

So, there's people out there that have a shoe fetish thing going on. A little creepy, yes. But hey - whatever floats your boat. I won't judge. And there's even money to be made catering to these people that love feet and shoes so much. As long as you don't show a bare knee on Ebay (why that matters - who knows? I'm not in the shoe fetish business), you're good to go!

So, I'm worried about my baby. He's begun rolling around a bit on the floor, and seems to have this extreme interest to the shoes we wear that may get left on the floor. And he prefers crocs. I do too, but I like to put them on my feet, not in my mouth! And the sounds he makes if you reclaim your shoe? You would think his world was about to end!

I can't in good conscience let my baby chew on our shoes. It's gross. Beyond gross. I considered buying him a pair, just for him. But a $30 teething toy?? Come on. There's got to be something better and cheaper. Any ideas? I'm out. I've tried traditional ones, and it just isn't the same. It's something about the shoe I think. What kind of looks are we going to get from people when my baby is carting around a croc to chew on?

Hey crocs!?! I have a new marketing idea for you!

Friday, May 2, 2008

You never know what you find in your own back yard!

I was procrastinating (hmmm... I sense a habit!) again, and decided to take my 8 year old over to the train tracks behind our house to take pictures rather than do the work I was supposed to. I also wanted to check out the paved road on the other side of them that the kids had told me about a few months ago (my excuse). I was thinking it would be a nice place to take the dogs for a walk and get some much needed exercise without having to go anywhere. I wanted to make sure we wouldn't be trespassing, etc, if we walked there, thinking it was maybe a access road for either the power lines or railroad.

So we played a bit on the tracks, taking pictures and looking for railroad spikes to add to Kivett's collection (we didn't find any this time). And then went a bit further to the paved road. I was surprised to see how nice it was. There was freshly laid sod on the sides, drainage, and wooden railings. It looked much more like some kind of trail than an access road - and none of the no trespassing signs I was expecting. So Kivett and I walked some, took some more pictures, and just explored a bit. A truck with some workers came along, and we got to ask them what the road was for. Find out that it's a new bike trail - to connect the springs in our area! You can read more about it here. It's a little outdated since this is supposed to open in about 2 weeks officially! If you click on the map - we're just North of Blue springs, on those roads that are right to the right of the path, to the left of the map key. It's maybe 200 ft from our house - but we have to cross the railroad tracks and go through a tiny bit of woods. But still MUCH easier then loading up a bunch of bikes and trailers to go anywhere else that we can ride. I'm very very excited!