These monkies won't be jumping on the bed

I needed to make something cute for Kian's 6mo pictures (yes, I'm late!) and when Lisa told me that the quilt store near her house had the Moda Sock Monkey fabric, I knew what I needed to do. So we schlepped over there with both babies when I went to visit last weekend. Amazing quilt store. I wish I had thought to bring my camera - it really was worth taking pictures of! And the people working and shopping there were exactly what you think of when you think of southern women. They were so helpful, kind, and just full of joy at seeing two babies. Kian got fussy in the ergo, and I think three different ladies ended up holding him for me so we could shop. I have to say, I would never do that here. One more thing to confirm that central FL is NOT the south. I can't wait to go back again next time I visit. And I'll make sure I have more money then too!

So, after hours of cutting, ripping, sewing, and top stitching - I ended up with about a half yard of sock monkey patchwork fabric. I now know why pre-patched fabric is so stinking expensive! And mine is no where near perfect. But I'm in love. This ranks up there is one of my most favorite things I've sewn. And as tedious as it was, I believe I will be making some more.

I made some mistakes when cutting them out (and I tried SO hard not to since there wasn't much fabric), but we were able to salvage everything that I screwed up to get these bloomers for sweet Olivia, and shorts for Kian. Kian will be getting a matching bucket hat (not out of patchwork though) in the near future.

Kian was absolutely enthralled with Olivia. Now, we just need to teach him how to be gentle. It will be really fun watching these two grow up as friends!

We also had a mini photo shoot while I was there. These two are my favorites of Lisa's youngest girls. The one of Riley shows what she looked like before she got a hold of the scissors later that day. That is one three year old that makes me thankful for my screeching three year old! I'll take noise and burst ear drums over the trouble that little girl gets herself into.


Adria Sha said…
Those are adorable!

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