Sewing "just becase"

Sometimes it's nice to sew just to sew. Not because somebody needs something, or for an order. But just because I want to. I haven't done that kind of sewing for my kids in a LONG time. But for once they have just about everything they need, and then some. My littler ones are easier to please, especially if they can't talk yet, so they tend to get most of my "creations".

I saw this outfit in the newest Ottobre, and fell in love. They did it in black on white linen, but there's no way that's reasonable for my 3 year old to wear! We just don't do white in this house! So I used this paisley fabric I found at my local quilt shop. The best part, besides falling in love with it when I saw it, was that it was on sale!! It was hard to photograph though. It wanted to look washed out. And while it's not a bright fabric, it's not dull either.

OK, enough babbling, and on to the pictures!! This is the "tie-back tunic". I think for this size (the smallest) the ties could have been longer. It was hard to get the bows. The pants are the "Daisy" pants.

Here's some close-ups of some of the details on the pants. The ties at the legs can either be pulled tight like they are here to make them look like long bloomers, or left loose so they look like wide legged capris. I didn't have any pink ribbon, so I used that yellow. I will be changing it! I love the little gathers and contrast on the pocket. It's too bad the tunic covers them. I'll have to make some matching tees for her to wear with them too so that they get to show occasionally.

See how short the ties are? And she did NOT want to hold still for me to tie all 3 of them perfectly!

I really do love this outfit on her. I hope she picks it out to wear often! If you want to see bigger pictures - you can look here.


Shelly said…
It looks great! Definitely let the pockets show once in a while. They are such a nice touch.
Brooke said…
That is so cute!!!
Clane said…
Once again, I am envious of your talent. The outfit (and model) are just precious.

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