My baby has a shoe fetish.

Oh the things you learn about on the internet! I don't think I'll ever be shocked again, after the education that I've received after nursing 4 babies while attached to my computer with nothing else to do but browse online.

So, there's people out there that have a shoe fetish thing going on. A little creepy, yes. But hey - whatever floats your boat. I won't judge. And there's even money to be made catering to these people that love feet and shoes so much. As long as you don't show a bare knee on Ebay (why that matters - who knows? I'm not in the shoe fetish business), you're good to go!

So, I'm worried about my baby. He's begun rolling around a bit on the floor, and seems to have this extreme interest to the shoes we wear that may get left on the floor. And he prefers crocs. I do too, but I like to put them on my feet, not in my mouth! And the sounds he makes if you reclaim your shoe? You would think his world was about to end!

I can't in good conscience let my baby chew on our shoes. It's gross. Beyond gross. I considered buying him a pair, just for him. But a $30 teething toy?? Come on. There's got to be something better and cheaper. Any ideas? I'm out. I've tried traditional ones, and it just isn't the same. It's something about the shoe I think. What kind of looks are we going to get from people when my baby is carting around a croc to chew on?

Hey crocs!?! I have a new marketing idea for you!


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