I'm always amazed at the things kids come up with

To keep from going to bed.

As I sit here contemplating never moving again (exercise can do that to you I'm discovering), my oldest son gets out of the bed that he's been in for 2 hours, to tell me about something he saw at the store last week. Because you know it was just so important it couldn't wait until tomorrow. Or next week even. Granted, I'm semi thankful as it was something I've been window shopping for, comparing features and prices. But it's not like I'm going out tomorrow to get it.

And of course when he gets up, it's like everyone else automatically has permission to get up as well. One kid didn't get their good night hug and kiss. One needs to go to the bathroom again.

Someone is afraid of the dark tonight. Someone else can't sleep with the light, or even the hallway light on. Can't shut the door - that's too scary.

Mom - there's something making noise outside my window (putting a pond next to kids' bedroom windows will not be something I do again!). I can't sleep (because you've been reading a book with the night light). The oldest thinks she's exempt from bedtime, and is the worst to get into and stay into bed. She's also the hardest to get up in the morning.

Why does bedtime have to be such an ordeal? Why does it need to last 2-3 hours? Don't they understand that this is MY time? Some people (the ones that are getting OLD!!) have their "me" time in the morning. I only get up when I absolutely have to. And thanks to a nice squishy 6 month old, that's much to early to even comprehend that I'm having "me" time.

And my husband doesn't help. If by some miracle everyone is in bed (their OWN) and asleep before he's comatose, he's bugging me. Like right now. He's asked me at least 3 times if I'm coming to bed. In the last 5 minutes. It would serve him right if I dragged the laptop into bed with me and ignored him :)


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