Double duty

One of the things I love about my house is the sprinkler system. Easy to keep the lawn nice and pretty when you're trying to sell the house, and lots of fun for the kids. Plus a nice and easy way to cool off during 90 degree weather. No hose to drag out, or sprinkler to set up. Just press a little button, and it's ready to go!

She insisted that the romper was a "shirt". I wasn't up for arguing. Plus she's wearing her older sister's bathing suit, and it's a little, umm, saggy.

There's nothing like running through a COLD sprinkler on a hot day. For a kid anyways. I prefer heated pools - even on a hot day. Guess I really am getting old!


Katie said…
They look like they're having soooo much fun!!! I too prefer a heated pool.

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