Chocolate chip cookies are evil.

I've been blessed with girls (and boys!) that love to cook and bake. Hopefully they'll continue to do so as I get to old age, and they move out, so I don't starve. I promise I would otherwise!

Today Kiera and Aislinn conquered chocolate chip cookies. I forgot to tell them to put walnuts in them, but they were better than any I've ever made. And rivaled many I've had before. It's amazing how something so simple can go so awry. And how it can be so divine as well.

I'm not going to even think about the amount of exercise I would have to do to even out the amount of cookies I ate. It would be way too much, and I wouldn't do it anyways. I'm not in the mood to feel guilt. Though maybe I should, since I was looking at pictures of me earlier today and thinking about how big I looked!

This is what's left. Makes you hungry, huh?


Brooke said…
Why oh why did I have to click and read your blog! Thanks for making me drool! Those cookies look yummy!!!
Jeannine said…
Oh my god, how dare you take pictures of chocolate chip cookies. They look delicious. I want to jump in that picture like a little kid. Nice blog.
Clane said…
Sooooo...are they making a new batch for the park tomorrow.
Allison said…
No, we won't be bringing cookies to the park - we're out of chocolate chips :(

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