You never know what you find in your own back yard!

I was procrastinating (hmmm... I sense a habit!) again, and decided to take my 8 year old over to the train tracks behind our house to take pictures rather than do the work I was supposed to. I also wanted to check out the paved road on the other side of them that the kids had told me about a few months ago (my excuse). I was thinking it would be a nice place to take the dogs for a walk and get some much needed exercise without having to go anywhere. I wanted to make sure we wouldn't be trespassing, etc, if we walked there, thinking it was maybe a access road for either the power lines or railroad.

So we played a bit on the tracks, taking pictures and looking for railroad spikes to add to Kivett's collection (we didn't find any this time). And then went a bit further to the paved road. I was surprised to see how nice it was. There was freshly laid sod on the sides, drainage, and wooden railings. It looked much more like some kind of trail than an access road - and none of the no trespassing signs I was expecting. So Kivett and I walked some, took some more pictures, and just explored a bit. A truck with some workers came along, and we got to ask them what the road was for. Find out that it's a new bike trail - to connect the springs in our area! You can read more about it here. It's a little outdated since this is supposed to open in about 2 weeks officially! If you click on the map - we're just North of Blue springs, on those roads that are right to the right of the path, to the left of the map key. It's maybe 200 ft from our house - but we have to cross the railroad tracks and go through a tiny bit of woods. But still MUCH easier then loading up a bunch of bikes and trailers to go anywhere else that we can ride. I'm very very excited!


Anonymous said…
Looks beautiful. You will enjoy that.

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