My son really does own more than one shirt!

For anyone that recently looked at pictures I uploaded for my family - you'll see a striking similarity in a lot of the pictures of Kivett. And I was just reminded of this when I was playing with one I just took of him. He's wearing the same shirt. And most of the time, the same pair of shorts. If it weren't for his lazy, er frugal?, mom not getting his hair cut often , you'd think that they were all on the same day.

Want examples? Sure! I don't need much motivation to share pictures of my kids!

In order of appearance: Kian's birth, Christmas morning, at the park in Jan, Easter, and the other day.

He's had this shirt for well over a year. And besides that fact that he's inherited his father's quite annoying habit of chewing on his neckline, it's in amazing condition. As the pictures prove, he obviously wears it often. It helps me completely justify any shopping I do at Gymboree! Seriously - how many shirts would hold up to the rigors of a boy wearing it at least once a week, and all the climbing, riding, and exploring said boy does? I am in awe.

And if you want to be nosy, and see all the pictures I uploaded for my family, click here. If you're family, and you didn't get the link, it means I don't love you. Actually it means the email I have for you didn't work, and it's your job to make sure I have the right one!


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