One of THOSE days.

Everyone's had them, right? You know, the days when if it could happen, it will? And if I'm the only one, take pity on me, make me feel better, and nod your head yes anyways.

I had high expectations for this day. Nothing to do at all except go to the eye Dr. I was even a bit excited. New glasses, hopefully new contacts that don't make me want to claw my eyes out, and the Dr is pretty cute too, to top it off. The day is actually pretty uneventful up to this point, besides the time I waste with this time suck. But eh, that's normal.

Get there, fill out paperwork and in I go! I don't get handsome, but it's really ok. I'm being my charming, somewhat sarcastic self, and I guess the Dr in training though it would be a good idea to try to be funny seeing that I had a sense of humor and all. He notices that I have kids (I had my oldest and youngest boys with me) and mentions that I must have my hands full. Okaaayyyy. I realize not everyone has what it takes to have more than one kid, or even one kid. But when I only had 2 kids, NO ONE told me I had my hands full (except for a brief period when #2 was a newborn). So I casually mention that I have 7. SEVEN!!! The shock was quite apparent. Then he tries to be funny. "Well, we really need to make sure you can see well so you can keep an eye on them all!".' And not with laughter. Yes, before I came to see you, they were all running wild, getting into all sorts of trouble, because I can only focus on things 3 feet in front of my face. Thank you for saving me and them.

OK, so we get past Mr. "doesn't have a clue how to be funny" and Mr handsome comes in. He even saves me money, so I'm in my happy place again. Then he puts the drops from hell in my eyes. Gives me a tissue - nice yellow drops they were! These drops are to keep your eyes from working correctly when insanely bright lights are shone into them. Something about eye diseases and stuff I guess - I'm not sure since my brain went on strike with the instant headache I got with the bright lights. And I can't even wear my new contacts now until tomorrow. Blah.

We're done. Oops!! Not yet, sigh. I hear my baby fussing in the waiting room (we've been there almost 2 hours now - I owe Mikhail BIG TIME). Instant wet shirt. Crap. So as I'm waiting for everyone to come back in the room to give me my contacts, solution, sign the waiver that doesn't hold them liable if I can't get my contacts out, I'm trying to rearrange my shirt so that the 3" wet spots right over my boobs isn't quite as noticeable. Not working well. But if I slouch down a bit, the big roll out in front makes creases in my shirt, and I can tuck the wet spots right in it. I'm sure it was attractive.

FINALLY!! Done. I get these really trendy sunglasses to wear since I forgot my clip-ons. Decide to feed the baby in the car, hoping the time out in the sun will dry my shirt before we go to the store. As we sit in the car, I discover that those lovely sunglasses don't do much when you're eyes are dilated to the size of quarters in the FL sun. But my shirt is drying. I feed the starving baby, and get on the road. We're good. Headache is getting worse, but still manageable. Plus I took a Tylenol I found in the bottom of my purse (yes, ick - and I really hope it was Tylenol!).

Get to the store, get everything I think we need. I know I'm forgetting something, but figure it must not be too important if I can't remember it, and I'm sure I will later. I have to run to the PO too, but I have to get home and get my clip-on sunglasses or I'm going to die.

Get home, grab glasses, dump boys off. Feels a bit warm in the house - figure someone's been playing with the AC. LONG LONG line at PO, but it's nice inside, and it's moving quickly. Get back home, and investigate why my house is so warm.

It's 86 freaking degrees in my house. I think it's cooler outside! Air's on. Well, at least the thermostat says the air is on. I don't hear anything running. Crap and double crap. Breakers are fine. The inside unit is running, but the fan outside isn't. And of course since I was in a hurry to get the the PO before it closed, and didn't check before, it's now after business hours so the best I can do is leave a message with the AC people. At least it's not August, when it only gets down to the high 70s at night, and my house will cool off a bit with all the windows open. I think it's supposed to be in the 60s (I really really hope). And there's a nice breeze. Did I say I have a headache yet? I'm really starting to doubt that pill was Tylenol.

Rush through dinner, scramble to get ready for church. Can't find Aislinn's other shoe. They were both RIGHT THERE five minutes ago. Car has a flat - hurry hook the air pump up. I pull the girls bed out to look for the shoe. It's a solid wood bunk bed. Heavy. Remembered what I forgot at the store. Ant baits and spray. Why did I remember? Because underneath the bed is swarming with ants. They're having a feast. A half eaten banana, some toast, something else unrecognizable. A dirty pull-up. I think I'm about to puke. And of course, now I'm all sweaty, I've got nastiness to clean up, and the AC doesn't work. Have I said I have a headache yet?

It HAS to get better right? Remember that breeze? Yeah - it's gone. So much for the house cooling off. It's down to 85. I want to take a bath. I'm not sure if it should be hot or cold, or both. I take a peek at myself in the mirror as I start the water. I've got nice YELLOW spots under my eyes. I guess I didn't wipe the extra crap off from the drops from hell.

But Eric took all the kids to church, and left me here to relax. And clean up from the rushed dinner, and put the bed back, and brave the nastiness of rotting food. Love ya too babe! I really don't think that was a Tylenol now.


Ok, *that* was really funny...

And I think you're right. That wasn't a Tylenol LOL

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