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I just bought a new lens for my camera. And new lens means I need a bigger bag. The one I had was just barely cutting it as it was. I looked online at quite a few places, and while I liked different things about different ones, it seemed most of them had one thing in common - if it looked like they would do a good job protecting my equipment, they were plain (UGLY!). And if they were "pretty", they looked rather flimsy. I have 7 kids, I need protective.

So after having a heart attack at the prices to begin with (mostly at the "pretty" ones - I'm willing to pay more for durability and great function) I thought to myself "I can do that". Plus, it gives me something to do rather than the things I was procrastinating (which I'll be working on now). Cost was pretty minimal. I had some of the fabric and the zippers. I think the total was around $25 out of pocket.

This is definitely a prototype. Lots of sloppy sewing, a couple mistakes, and lots of ideas I couldn't/wouldn't implement because I wasn't ripping stitches out!

I just laid my camera out on my pattern material, and drew around that and my lenses to get the shape. I also knew that I wanted a backpack/slingbag style. Lot of measuring and cutting later, and you get this:

It has one outside zippered pocket (one of the things that was an afterthought - I would have liked some on the sides). The piping has boning in it to make it more stable. That was a pain, and hurt my fingers, but I think it was worth it. There's half inch foam in all the sides. The brown fabric is the one I had, I bought the other (it was a remnant, and on sale, so it was CHEAP!!!).

The inside. It's cotton velveteen, and soooo soooo soft. It made up most of the cost of the bag, even though it was on sale as well. The dividers are made with 1" foam inside. Because it's a prototype, I didn't use anything to attach them to the sides or bottom, they're just safety pinned in. And I forgot the velcro for the pockets on the flap until it was too late too. It's got just enough space for my camera in the big empty spot (that's an extra divider in there), and even room for another lens or 2 if I wanted.

Overall, I really like the bag. There's a lot of changes I'd make if I get brave or desperate enough to make another one. I would make it less deep at the top then the bottom, make sure all the pockets I want are there before I sew the pieces up. I used 2 zippers (it's what I had) to get the length, but I'd prefer 1 heavier duty one with 2 zipper pulls. And it needs to be a little bit deeper overall. While it fits my current camera well, I think that when I upgrade, it will be a little tight. And I would skip the piping, but still use the boning in the seams. And I'd prefer a little bit darker fabric, something a little less conservative (but still having some brown of course!).

Even dumb dumb the cat gave his approval, and tried to claim it for a new bed while I was working on the dividers. Sorry for the blurry pic. I was trying to do it quickly before he got out!


Brooke said…
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Brooke said…
Sorry for my other post. LOL! Anyway! I was trying to say that that bag looks awesome!!!
That's SO cool!! Really like it. :)
Clane said…
WOW! That rocks Allison. I am more than a little envious at your sewing skills!

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