Why did I stay up so late?

I'm not dumb, I KNOW how much sleep I need, and how I can't function as a normal human being without that amount. Unfortunately, it's not a little bit. So why did I sit at my computer until 2am? Can I blame it on the snugly babe that was in my arms most of the time? Probably not, since he would have slept just fine in bed too. I can't even remember what I was reading after I gave up searching for ideas/examples for nursing pictures. I wasted hours of precious sleep!

So here I sit, at 9am. I've been "awake" for an hour. Awake is a relative term, considering my brain isn't keeping up with my body. And I sit thinking of everything I'm supposed to be doing today. Including hunting down the idiot in my neighborhood that thought that target practice at 3am was a good idea. I had just fallen asleep. I know we live in the middle of nowhere (not really, but it can seam like it!) but still, do people really not think that shooting a gun at 3 am, repeatedly I might add, is a good idea?

So besides that, my house is a wreck. The kind of wreck that a house gets if kids are the only ones cleaning for a week. I hate cleaning. Despise it. But I promised myself that I would get it done today since I spent almost the whole day out yesterday and nothing got done. But I just want to crawl back in bed.

I also got fabric that I had ordered in the mail yesterday. It's for an order I need to finish up. So I have that to do as well. And I want to sew for me. I haven't touched the fabrics I bought for me since I photographed them, what, 2 weeks ago?

I should make a "to do" list. Maybe if I start crossing things off as I do them, I'll feel better? More motivated to get my rump out of this comfortable chair? Blah - it sounds like work and that it would require a functioning brain.

Did I say I want to crawl back into bed yet?? It's calling my name. I really should go in there and make it, and maybe even clean my room, since the kids don't clean in there...


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