It must be a girl thing

I bring you Aislinn:

Isn't she pretty? These were taken on Tues at the park -which I was going to blog about, the alligator sighting, the vibrant green colors of spring, that sort of thing. But instead, you get to look at my pretty girl.

Well, she's still pretty. But her hair isn't at the moment.

She's gone back and forth about having long hair, so I hadn't cut it. I also LOVED it. I guess she finally made up her mind. It actually doesn't look too bad from the back, but the bangs and side were a little overkill . I really wish she would have just asked me rather than attempt it herself. I definitely could have done a better job, but it's beyond my skills to fix it. So, she has an appointment with my stylist this afternoon, and I'm even more tempted to get my grays covered now that I'm sure I have more of them! I will post after pictures :)


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