Rule #1 - don't wait for 6 weeks to sew cut out things

Especially if it's for a baby. I even cut them in the next size up. It wasn't big enough. 7 kids, and the last (not last as in no more for those of you hoping!! ) one needs to be different. 6 kids all grew the same way. I could predict what size they would be in for the next season, year, etc. Made it nice for sewing ahead, or even buying stuff on sale.

Not this kid. Like I said, he needs to be different. When I cut the outfits out, he was in a size 3-6mo (or 62 for Ottobre which is what the pattern was). He had JUST gone into this size. So I figure making him a 68 for summer would be fine. I didn't think he'd wear it all summer, but at least half - right? Nope. I've got 5 shirts and 2 rompers, some out of very hard to find or expensive fabric, that are too small, and half sewn. I'm hoping the shirts out of the stretchier fabric will fit for a little bit anyways.

I think I want to cry. My 4mo old baby is the size of most 9 month olds. I made him promise he wasn't going to grow up too fast, and not only is he doing that, but he's HUGE as well!!


Anonymous said…
I wandered over here from Sewing Mamas to check out your cool camera bag. Sadly, I know just what you mean about cutting things out and having them be too small by the time you get around to sewing them. I have a sleep sack all cut out, but now it's too warm to use it :(

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