Apparantly I'm old.

Or at least I act older than I am. According to my oldest daughter. Why the opinion of a 15 year old means so much (never mind that the discussion came up while out to dinner with an older friend and her girls - and they all agreed), confuses me. Maybe it's just the "I don't want to look or act like an old lady" ego of a 30ish year old (for the record, I'm only just 31). I always said I would grow old gracefully. Wouldn't dye my gray, etc. Of course, I was in my early 20's, no gray, and I figured I would be in my 40's at least before I considered myself "old" (my apologies to all 40ish year olds!).

So while trying to figure out what exactly it is that makes me "act old", I start trying to discuss it with above mentioned 15 year old. I ask how. The response? Typical 15 year old. "you just do". Thanks. I think conversation skills may need to be addressed in the next homeschooling lesson.

I'm resisting the urge to call my stylist for an appt...


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