Fabric addiction

Yes, there is such a thing. Am I affected?? Depends on who you ask. I found out the other day that one of my favorite fabrics is going OOP (out of print for those of you who don't know fabric lingo). I have some. I think a yard and a half of each print.

So what did I spend an hour doing this morning? Finding the best price of all the coordinates, and ordering from 3 different online stores. And not just a bit. Between 15-20 yards. Yes, that's right, I'm not even sure how much I ordered total.

And my justification for it? It will make one beautiful quilt for the next baby. Yes, you read that right - the NEXT baby! You know, the one that I'm not even considering TTC yet (trying to conceive - for those of you not in the know of the online parenting lingo). And not even yet, but probably close to a year before I get serious (and you'll notice this because my husband will suddenly be a very happy man).

What does this fabric look like you ask? Well, ask, and you shall receive:

OK, so it's kinda hard to see in that picture, but the outfits are to die for, and it almost killed me to mail them to their new owner! But it's Heather Ross's lightening bug and other mysteries line. The little fishies (and the ones in the bags have NAMES!! How cute is that??) are just lovely. And if I decide to make actual clothing out of it, and not just hoard it and pet it, all the fabrics I bought (both fishies, the coordinating stripes, and the dots) match the bright orange shorts I made Kian. The polka dots on the pockets are from this line also (and I ordered more!)


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