How you know you have children

You wake up with cramps in your back because you were squished in your king sized bed.

You sit on toothpaste on the toilet (someone isn't tall enough to reach the sink to spit)

You almost kill yourself getting into the shower because someone was playing with the conditioner.

Your hot water runs out really fast because your water heater is turned all the way down, and you like a HOT shower.

You have to hunt down your blow dryer because it was used as a laser gun last.

The nice lemon flavor of your toothpaste is overpowered by the taste of soap.

There's some rule that the cereal bowls belong in the cabinet with the pots and pans??

The soda (great breakfast!!) that you left on the counter with one sip taken out of it, is empty when you go back to it 5 minutes later.

There's folded clothes and socks in the DIRTY laundry - unless there's a compulsive person (besides ME!!) doing it?

The cat has a new hairdo (I really should lock those scissors up).

The peanut butter that you just bought, besides being almost gone, has a spoon in it still (midnight snack anyone??? eeewww)

This was my morning :)



Anonymous said…
Those are great! I identify with so many. :)

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