I have a thing for babies

I like babies. They're squishy, and squirmy, and just cute and lovely. I'm not sure I'd have 7 kids if I didn't like babies so much.

But I don't just like human babies. I seem to be drawn to all types of babies. Reptile babies, bird babies, not to mention the really cute kittens and puppies!! And I was really lucky that I had my camera in my car this afternoon when I came across this couple.

What's even more ironic is that they were at our church, where our pastor just mentioned this morning that they had only been seeing one crane recently to come eat, and were expecting to see a little fuzzy yellow chick (and what a BIG chick!!) soon. And there they were, later in the afternoon. I couldn't get enough of them, babies just amaze me. I watched it dig for it's own food, lay down to eat when it started getting tired, and even take some food from mom (or dad??) a couple of times.

Aren't babies awesome?
If you click on the pics, it will open it bigger so you can see it better :)


Heather said…

I think we might be long-lost sisters... I stumbled across your blog as I am sitting here drugged from a kidney stone unable to sleep. I am 32, have only 5 little people (as of yet-- praying earnestly for a girl or even my heart's desire of twins!) We seem to have so much in common--between kids, love of babies, taste in clothing, hobbies (even the philosophies about cooking -lol) You made me smile in my misery, and I am adding you to my bookmarks, so I can remember I am NOT alone. I am not brave enough to blog, or I would send you to it....
Thank you for your wonderful blog!
Heather B in Snellville, GA

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