Even my junk mail has it out for me!

I out of shape - badly. I haven't exercised regularly in, oh, ever?? So it's been a frequent topic of conversation between a couple of friends and I. And where do such conversations lead us? To me still sitting on my butt! I've been slow to get up and get moving, compared to my friends.

You know how people make fun of women because they won't go to the bathroom alone? Well, I'm like that. I'm not unsocial, or extraordinarily shy. But I hate doing new things by myself. Even trying a new restaurant makes me a bit nervous if I'm not going with someone who's been there before. So my excuse to why I won't join the gym? I want someone to go with me!! And so far, I can't convince anyone to go when I can go. Something about being too early in the morning...

So, while I know my health is actually suffering a little because of my lack of exercising, I can't get past my inhibitions to just go do it. And I feel guilty (just a little!!). I KNOW I should just do it, I KNOW I'll feel better, and probably not need as much sleep even. But the inhibitions are there nonetheless.

All to explain why I think my email has it out for me. I don't look at exercise stuff online, don't sign up for anything, etc etc. Yet for the past week, I've had at least one, if not more, junk emails about exercising. And the latest one? Straight to the point - "Get to the Gym". I'm not sure I'll listen to my junk mail, but maybe the prodding coming from yet another source will eventually do the trick.


Anonymous said…
hey allie I have the same problem about going to new restaurants

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