Sometimes I think my eyes are going to permamently stay at the back of my head

They get there often with teenagers and preteens. As I'm procrastinating doing anything productive this morning, I overhear a conversation about razor burn between my 15 year old, 12.5 year old, and 10 year old. And since the 15 year old girl is the only one currently shaving, I'm thinking "what the heck?".

They're debating what razor burn is. Chrissy is adament that the little red bumps are just that. Mikhail says, no, they aren't. I'm trying to figure out why Mikhail would have any clue. He has a tiny tiny TINY bit of darker hair above his lip. Here, let me show you a picture.

There, do you see it?? Maybe you can zoom in. Because I can't!! And I couldn't in any of the other pictures I've taken of him recently either.

So, back to the story. Chrissy's yelling now, because Mikhail doesn't believe that little red bumps after you shave are razor burn. Finally Mikhail gets fustrated enough that he yells back - "then why does it itch??"

Gah - my baby boy is growing up, and attempted to shave for the first time without knowing what the heck he was doing. At least he waited longer than my girls. Both were under 10 the first time, and Kiera still bares the scar from her attempt!

And while I'm talking about kids growing up, and sharing pictures, look at my baby. Do you see what he's doing??? He's NOT OLD ENOUGH. He was just born - wasn't he?? (and you can oohh and ahhh over that nice bright outfit I made him too!! See?? I'm getting brave!)


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