There really was an owl!

Eric and I went out for dinner (love Logan's Steakhouse 2 for $15 on Mon and Tues!!) the other night and heard the mysterious owl when we came home. We grabbed the flashlights and proceeded to look for the real thing since it sounded pretty close.

It was close, and close enough that I could get a picture. Eric held one flashlight, Chrissy held the other, and I set the camera to auto and used the flash (no way was I trying to fool with it in pitch dark!).

And there he/she is. In all her weird for an owl sounding glory. She doesn't hoot - she kinda does a cross between a hoot and a screech, and it's very obnoxious actually.

So we look at her for a bit, and get ready to go inside, when Kivett points and yells (he has two volumes, loud and louder) - "Look - there's two!!". We all turn and look.

He's pointing at the plastic bag...


Anonymous said…
Cute story...beautiful owl.

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