Breastfeeding doesn't cause saggy boobs

It's six month olds that do it. And if you've ever nursed a 6 month old, you know what I'm talking about. I can tell a toddler if they're not still the milk goes away. Kian doesn't quite get that yet. And there's so much going on in the world around him, he can't be bothered to stop nursing to look at it all. Even if it's behind him.

He's actually trying to perfect the technique of looking around without loosing his latch. He doesn't got it quite down yet, and my poor chest gets to act like a rubber band. Soon it's going to stop going back. Doesn't he realize that they've already played this game 6 times?? They don't have much left in them!

Instead of asking my kids to help me in my old age, I'm going to ask for them to chip in for my boob job. There's no way these girls are going to look good when I'm done nursing. They're half saggy and deflated now, imagine when they're no longer producing? Scary...


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