Being a Responsible Adult

I hate it! There are days that I want to just go back to being a kid. No worries about the real issues in life.

Worrying about what I'm going to wear tomorrow to school to impress that guy wasn't as stressful as budgeting. Or what color to dye my hair, compared to getting kids ready for a 2 week trip (after doing said budgeting).

I was bad last month. I spent ALL my fun money. Which wouldn't be an issue, but I just spent all of June's too. Which makes June no fun. I want FUN! Sea World (planning on going Tues) isn't as fun when you either have to go around meal times, or take food. Shopping for clothes so your kids don't run out on a trip (only time a limited wardrobe is bad) when you have a strict budget isn't as fun.

I want to be irresponsible, and spend money I don't have. Or the bill money. I could do a lot of shopping and eating out with the money that goes to the mortgage company. But I think my husband and kids appreciate having a house. And food. And electricity. To keep myself in check, I already set up payments for all the bills. So I can't forget (conveniently or not!).

Really, sometimes being an adult sucks!


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