Stuck up people

Do you think they know that they're stuck up? Do they care? Well, I've actually heard someone say before that they knew they were stuck up, but they didn't care what other people thought of them. Going to be hard to have no friends down the road with that attitude!

OK, so I know everyone's view of stuck up is different, and I'll even make the assumption that every person is self centered in one way or another (even me - gasp!!). But then there's those people whose world clearly revolves around themselves. I have to say that it's fun to watch them.

It's especially fun to watch them at gatherings with people that they know don't like them, or where things might be tense. It's actually sad in a way to see someone clearly have to make an effort to be nice. I wonder what goes through their head on a regular basis if they have to try that hard. And then still fail with little slips here and there that shows their true self.

Their attitude shows that they obviously think that they're better than others (everyone). I wonder if they realize that the people they think they're better than them don't share that opinion, and that their reaction is pity? Yes, I pity the person who is so full of themselves that they have no regard for the consequences of the harsh and uncaring things that spew out of their mouth. Because one day it's going to catch up with them. The evil twin side of me wants to be there to watch when it does! But I'll be good, and hope that their lives stay peaceful and happy. It's all about karma!


Katie said…
Wow, Allison, maybe I'll stay home next week. You're getting too much entertainment from my existence.

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