I get 11mpg in my van

And with rising gas costs, it makes me want one of these. Is it not the coolest thing ever? Of course, I can't read the website because it's in Dutch??? I believe :) And there's even trailers you can buy to put on the back!!

Being able to walk or bike places is something we really can't do with where we live right now. Eric and I have discussed many times our "dream house". Acreage, with no neighbors. And I mean LOTS of acreage. Or the idea of living in a small town/city that we could walk or bike to stores, the library, post office, etc is also appealing. We actually live only 3 miles from our dentist (where we seem to spend a LOT of time), the grocery store, a couple department stores, etc. But there's a couple semi-busy roads with no sidewalks that we'd have to take to get there. And one major road crossing. I'm just not confident of my little ones biking capabilities to stay safe in that situation. Heck - even my 12 year old had to be told he couldn't ride in the middle of the street at a friends house! Living on a dead end of dirt road has a lot of advantages, but my kids do miss out on some learning experiences.

But think about all the gas I'd save, and all the weight I'd lose and muscle I'd build! I really like the idea of the kids being in front rather behind in a trailer. There must be some advantage, because all the Danish sites I've looked at have them in the front too.

So, who loves me enough to buy me 3 of those (For me, Eric, and Chrissy - someone needs to haul the groceries!), and import them?? This site is even in English!


Clane said…
http://www.kangaroobike.com/pages/index.php (click on the UK flag and the site is in English). I love that bike; it looks more efficient than a tow behind trailer.

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