It only took four years

I was taking my bath this morning, and had my usual bath time visitor. Not one of my kids, though it's rare that I get a uninterrupted bath from them anyways, but our cat, Dumb dumb... er Storm.

Storm has this thing about the freshness of his water. He runs towards the sound of running water, and will whine for fresh water if the water in his bowl is more than a couple minutes old. He came to us spoiled like that, and we haven't been able to break him of it!

So, when he hears the water run for my bath, he moseys in there to get a drink. He doesn't care that the water is hot, it's fresh (well, as fresh as it could be with me sitting in it!). He climbs on the edge of the tub, and sniffs a couple times to make sure it's palatable. Takes a quick sip, and then digs in.

Eric has threatened me numerous times to push him in the tub with me, but has been met with the "you'll be sleeping on the couch for a month" look. I've thought about pushing him in when I'm done, but he's never in there then. Guess soapy water isn't his thing.

Well, today it happened. He didn't get pushed. I had just cleaned the tub before getting in, and I guess the edge was still wet. I also guess he was super thirsty, as he came running in. Got the picture in your head yet? Running cat, wet slippery bathtub?

Let's just say I've never been more thankful my cat is front declawed then today. Yes, I know, it's inhumane, and cruel, and painful, and I lost crunchy points by having him declawed. I'm ok with it. And my stomach is more than ok with it today!

I'm not sure if he'll ever get over the humiliation of slipping, losing his balance, and getting soaked. As he walked out of the bathroom, shaking one paw at a time to get the water off, he turned and gave me a look of utter contempt, and I almost felt like it was my fault. That didn't take long to wear off, as the laughter took over.

Sorry cat.


Clane said…
Oh, if only there were a pic of the angry drippy cat to go along with this :)
Katie said…
I wish there was a picture. Poor Storm. I bet he was funny looking, all drippy wet like that.

I'm glad he didn't cause you damage.
Ashley said…
I gotta' tell you - that's pretty darn funny.

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