Moe's - you know I love you? Right?

There's nothing like Moe's. Nothing. It's wonderful, it's good, and it's helping me maintain my weight.

I eat there once a week with my friends for "mom's night out". I usually stop in at least one other time too. But I have a couple complaints. First - you changed your queso. It used to be one of the best parts (besides the guacamole) about eating there. Now it tastes like microwaved american cheese with jalapenos in it. Gross.

And while we're talking about jalapenos, I wish you would put them somewhere else besides next to the olives. While part of the appeal of Moe's is watching the workers grab handfuls of vegetables to put on my burrito (and then try to keep it all stuffed in when they roll it), this practice leads to some dropped food. And it mixes.

I almost died today. I took a nice big bit of my salad (well, streaker homewrecker if you want to be exact) and started chewing. Everything was going along fine until I bit into that stray jalapeno. Now, if I liked spicy foods, it probably wouldn't have been a big deal. But I don't, I'm a wimp when it comes to hot stuff like that! Now, why did I almost die? Because I didn't have a drink available, and I was choking, and crying, and looking aimlessly around for something to drink that wasn't empty (I knew I should have gotten a large drink!), and I had nothing. I had to try to put out the flames shooting out of my mouth with a bite of sour cream (ew).

So Moe's, please, can you find another place to put the jalapenos?


Katie said…
Totally agree about the Queso. It's nasty now! What on earth were they thinking? Of course it IS American Cheese which is uber cheap (hence the nastiness).


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