Women??? Seriously?

So I take my oldest daughter out shopping today. She's been doing a ton of babysitting, and hasn't felt 100% health wise on top of it. I owe her - big time. We head to Goodwill to try to scrounge up some stuff for her Halloween costume. She's wanting to be a punk rocker (I'm thinking 80's, she's thinking 90'-now). I pull her over to some obnoxious belts, and her cart is taking up a bit of room, but not completely blocking things.

So this guy - older, not clean cut, but not grungy gross either - comes towards where we're standing. Doesn't pause, doesn't say excuse me, just wiggles his empty cart in between the rack and ours, bumping into it (repeatedly)and making a ton of noise. And as he walks by, he mutters "women". I did a double take, and had to think to make sure I had heard him correctly. A nice lady (who he also walked by) comes up to my stunned self and asks if we heard him. "Women? How about men?".

No, not men. RUDE men. And I wasn't quiet about it. I hope he heard me, is embarrassed, and thinks next time before he acts like an ass. But I doubt it. Rude men don't care about what others think.


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