Hmm... Not sure that this is a good idea.

I've added that to my bookmarks.

I'd been an Ikea virgin until just a very short while ago, even though one had been open within driving distance for almost a year. I think a part of me knew exactly how much I was going to like it, and was avoiding the temptation.

I finally went when we opened the studio. We bought ALL our furniture there. And it all fit in the back of a Suburban, even the couch (which came in a box!). I was in organizational knick knack heaven. It was a little bit easier to resist spending a ton of money since we were buying stuff for the studio, and of course, I didn't have any anyways (stupid financial aid - but that's another day's rant!).

I then went with another friend while she was in town. Again - I didn't spend a penny. I was very proud of myself. But the urge to go back has been strong. I'm trying to justify going there (It's almost an hour away) just for wrapping paper. I'm nuts. Not quite certifiable, but close!

So, bookmarking a blog that shows you more really cool things to do with things you find at Ikea probably isn't the best idea. Especially since that money thing is still an issue.


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