Why aren't things ever as easy as you thought they would be?

I figured this semester was going to a breeze. Photo class that will mostly be a repeat of last semester's, but going into a bit more detail. Online Spanish class. That's it. Easy - right?

Oh heck no!

Photo class - 5 rolls of film need to be shot per week. Yes, you read that right, per WEEK!. How the heck am I supposed to fill 5 rolls of film up without just shooting nonsense? The cheap side of me is protesting LOUDLY.

And my Spanish class. How hard could it be? I aced French in high school - and Spanish is a bit similar, right? Wrong. Add to the fact I've discovered I am NOT an auditory learner, and my teacher assigned a ton of work the very first week. It isn't going to be near as easy as I thought, and I'm very grateful that this is the only other class I'm taking.

So much for looking forward to a relaxing semester!


Anonymous said…
Ug that sucks! I am so sorry. Don't forget all classes are like 2 weeks shorter now! Thats right, 8 week and 16 week classes are now even shorter. If I hadn't taken german in HS I would offer to help. GOOD LUCK! :-)

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