I'm going to write a book.

OK, so write may be a strong word. But it's going to be a book.

One of my assignments in my photography course was to emulate another photographer. We had to find their work in a book, shoot similarly (style or subject) and share with the class. I searched and searched, and nothing was screaming out to me. I had one book set aside, but it was a last resort. After 2 hours of searching in the library, I went to go pick it back up and this caught my eye. I was hooked.

It spoke to me. Inspired me to do something I feel strongly about. And I absolutely loved it.

Trying the same thing in this area of Florida was a little difficult. Industry has never been huge here, and the revival of small historic downtowns is well underway - and thrilling to me. There are also a TON of new, crowded, cookie cutter subdivisions. And it makes me sad that houses like this are left to rot because no one wants them and their problems. Or their history. Or character. Things you can't find in a new house.

I want to preserve the old buildings and houses indefinitely. Unfortunately, unless some foreign king or such that is someone related to me (or finds this blog and is moved beyond words, lol) and finances such an endeavor, it will have to be on film (or in this case, digitally), and then to paper.

I didn't know I wanted to create a book, until the title started popping up in my head. At the most inappropriate times as well. And so the idea was born. It's changed a bit as I've driven around scouting out old, decrepit buildings, but the idea is still the same.

Discarded Florida

It has a certain draw to it, doesn't it?


Heather said…
I think it's a cool idea. Have you searched on Flickr to see what people have done? I know I was just looking through a whole series there on 100 abandoned houses in Detroit. I really enjoyed it.
Anonymous said…
Great pictures and a wonderful idea for a book. Go get 'em!!!

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