It's about time

I get a kick looking at how people find this blog. There are an abundance of stuck up people in the world apparently. And how being stuck up effects their life is a topic worth of the google. 34% of my blog hits have come from searching about stuck up people. I'm sure that will go up even more now! And the people that I wrote about - still stuck up. I'm starting to think that there really is no hope for a cure.

And ma'am - I'm sorry your son in Finland has a shoe fetish. Kian has outgrown his - well, at least his desire to eat them. He still likes to put on shoes that are too big, though that makes sense as they're easier for an 18 month old to do that by himself.

And I'm obviously not the only one with baby frogs in the house. Though since we've gotten rid of the garden pond, that's resolved itself. Nothing like waking up in the middle of the night and squishing the little buggers on the way to the bathroom. It's really sad actually, besides just disgusting. Though if frogs eat ants, I may want them back - as there seems to be a family of ants that has made residence in my house somewhere. I've got the right kind of yummy "food" for them now, just need to crawl up into the 200++ degree attic to serve it to them. Any volunteers?

I also have to suggest - buy a pettiskirt. Yes, I made one. Did I mention it took 7 hours?? I think I did. I never want to even think about gathering that much fabric again. If you're thinking about making a pettiskirt, please have your brain examined, and then cart yourself to Etsy, or join one of the many co-ops that wait 4 months for the fru fru-ey contraptions, and save $10ish bucks. You'll thank me later - I promise.

I know that there was some other search term/topic that brought people here in the past (besides people actually searching for me - awww) that I wanted to address, but I can't think of it now. I'll blame the tiny rice sized thing sucking my brains away on that.

Hopefully, I'll never see a google search for "stuck up son with shoe fetish wants pettiskirt made with baby frogs" leading here. THAT would be creepy!


mummy_chelle said…
Well, just so you know, I came from SM. So no googles search for stuck up anythings here - sorry - LOL!
Goosegirl said…
Yep! Sewing Mamas for me too!
But I love checking on Feedjit to see where people come from to read my blog. I show up on searches for "boning" because of a dress I made for my oldest. I get several hits a day for that one. I show up for "broken arm slings" quite a bit too. There are several other searches that crack me up, but those two are daily.

Guess I had better come up with some better posts!

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