Ha!! I sewed!!

And not only did I sew, I actually completed said item as well. I can't remember the last thing that I made that I finished. It's been that long.

In the process, I learned I really do like my coverhem machine, and wish I hadn't lost the foot for it (actually my friend's foot, but that's a long story). I had to hem with a twin needle, and I haven't had to do that in 3+ years. Ick. I has to restart 4 times on the bottom, and once on one of the sleeves. But it got done, which is the most important thing, right?

The completed item happens to be a maternity shirt. I need them desperately. I'm not big enough, nor do I particularly like, the "tent" style shirts. I like more fitted ones - ones that from the back I still look relatively like myself. I bought this pattern right before I got pregnant, and decided that it would make a good maternity top with a couple simple alterations. Here's a pic of the front pattern piece to show how I altered it. The only thing I did to the back was lengthen it so it was the same as the front sides.

I curved the front hem a bit too, so as I expand even more, hopefully it will keep my belly from hanging out.

So - in all my "I haven't left the house yet today, and therefore done anything with my hair" glory, the pictures.


Sarah said…
Very very very pretty! I love the fabric and the neckline cut (and thickness of the neckline)- I love everything about it. Very flattering!

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