Me? Neglect my poor blog? NEVER!!

Ok, so I've been a bit busy. A couple photo shoots, a couple final research papers, kids, holidays, and then everything else has kept me busier than usual.

School is almost done for this semester. I'm praying that I pass a couple classes, it's going to be close! Lack of organization bit me in the butt a couple times, and I missed assignments, or was trying to cram in a math test at 11:30pm while holding my eyelids open with toothpicks. I REALLY don't want to have to take English 1 and intermediate Algebra over again. Yes, it would have made sense to think of that at the beginning of the semester instead of the end!

The whole family has had to make a lot of adjustments the last few months. Not only with me (and Chrissy) being in school, but opening the studio and being gone more as well. It's slowly starting to fall into place. Hopefully even though I won't have classes for the next month, it won't be such a big adjustment in January when we start back up. Though Eric will be starting as well - so who knows!! Nothing like waiting until your an adult to do the things you should have done as a teenager. We like to do things a bit backwards.

I'm actually really looking forward to my classes next semester. Two long photography classes, and a half semester of Spanish. No, spanish is not what I'm looking forward to!

We're starting to gear up for Christmas. Taking the annual photos, bought the tree the other day (boy are they expensive!!), pulled all the decorations down. I have all these ideas of crafty things to do, but like most years, they probably won't get done! Time never stands still enough to do everything I want to do!

Go to my flickr page (click on the rotating ones in the upper right corner) and you can see some of the pictures of the kids I've done so far!


Anonymous said…
Wonderful pictures. Keep up the good work.

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