Sometimes something stunning finds you unexpectedly.

I've got a very bare dining room wall. It's actually got 3 small paintings on it now, but they get lost and blend into the wall color.

I've looked, and hemmed and hawed, and nothing has ever stuck me as "this would be perfect". I decided just recently to order a HUGE portrait of all the kids (once I get the perfect picture of course!), and hang it there. Maybe in a grouping with individual ones as well.

But then someone pointed me in the direction of this shop. And I'm awed. I tend to be a bit biased and spoiled by having artists in the family. I'm very picky with what I like, and maybe a it overly judgmental as well. But I LIKE these. This one is my favorite. From the colors, to the title, and everything in between.

September song is the essence of my mom. Born in September, with a beautiful voice. The bird is the color of her eyes, and the colors just so "her". I can't help but feel her when I look at it.


Katie said…
It's really beautiful and very you as well.

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