You would think that starting a blog, that I would have something to say. That would make sense at least. But how do you write about nothing? No subject? So, here I am, rambling about nothing. Which may actually occur more often than not.

I never thought I would have such a hard time finding a name to describe what I was going to blog about either. With the help of a friend, and lots of clicks on's thesaurus, here we are. Random - because who knows what will strike me as blog worthy. Knack - just because the word looks interesting to me. I had tried to use ramble in it, because I do tend to ramble on. But it just didn't seem to fit. Didn't roll off my tongue. And you know that's important.

I'm out of nothing to talk about. I hope anyone who reads this will enjoy listening to me talk to myself. Blogging is such a nice way for the crazy to look normal.


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