A new repair man

When I first started REALLY sewing, I met and started using a long-time local repair shop for my many machine woes. The man that owned and ran it was Mr. Henderson. He taught me SO much. He would even help me diagnose and fix problems with my machines over the phone. A couple of years ago, we lost Mr Henderson to cancer. I miss my friend.

When my sewing machine started acting up the first time after he passed away, I bought a new one rather than trying to keep it going without him. A couple of weeks ago, my lovely daughter decided to make something for her by herself with my serger. Jammed it all up, broke needles, and messed up the timing. It IS something I can fix, but it takes me a long time, and can be quite frustrating. Thankfully my good friend had given me her old serger (Brother 1034D - same as the one I had) when she got a new one. So I pulled it out, dusted it off, and started sewing again.

Somehow the timing got off on that one the other day as I was trying to finish up 3 outfits for a boys' swap at sewingmamas. The left needle starting skipping all over the place. Grr... So I spent the better part of Thurs trying to get the timing right on both machines. And no luck. Did the same on Friday. Friday afternoon, I broke down, got the phone book out, and looked up another local repair shop.

I've made a new friend. I brought my serger to him around 12:30 ( he greeted me with "Are you my new love?" in response to me telling him I loved him over the phone when he told me he should have it done within 24 hrs). I left my beloved, dirty, never oiled serger with him thinking I'd have it back Monday, because surely he wouldn't get it done that day, and he was only open 4 hours on Sat. And he even gave me the staple looking thingy for my treadle singer's belt. But want to know what REALLY made him my new friend??

He called me a little after 5. When I saw the number on the caller ID, I was SURE something was seriously wrong with my "baby" and it needed parts. Nope. She was done. She was clean, and oiled, and working perfectly. Since I was getting ready to go scrapbooking with a friend (who happends to live around the corner from the repair shop) I had her pick it up for me. It was so pretty and clean, and I could smell the fresh oil. Nothing like clean sewing machine lust, huh?

So today I get to sew again! Here's a little peek at the fabrics I'm using for clothes for ME!!


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