Colors and more colors

Lots and lots of eggs, all kinds of colors. Mostly obnoxious. We did an egg hunt after church this afternoon. I must do a better job of hiding than my sister does. We usually go to my Dad's for Easter, and he stuffs the eggs with money, and my sister hides them since she gets there before us. Needless to say, my kids weren't quite as happy with jelly beans instead of quarters! And they took a rather long time to find them all. I snapped some pics of them hunting and finding, hopefully a few came out good. I'm too tired to pull them off the camera, crop, edit, etc right now. Stayed up too late on the sugar rush from eating all the extra jelly beans! I also need to learn how to add them here, so maybe later (or even tomorrow).

And for other kinds of color. Fabric color (again, no pics yet!!) I needed to get interfacing from JoAnns last night, and wanted some linen for some wide legged pants for me. I was wanting a grayish color, but ended up with some very expensive brown. Potting soil brown, in fact. Though it doesn't look like potting soil to me, more like crayola brown. But I love it (and Eric picked it out!!), and I found 2 really nice wovens to make blouses with. Clothes for me, HERE I COME!! Can you tell I'm more than a little excited? I'll be using the newest issue of Ottobre for the pants, and a butterick pattern for one of the shirts. Not sure about the other yet. I also picked up this knit butterick pattern. It's actually almost done, but I have some seam ripping to do that I'm putting off until tomorrow. I'm making view D, but with short sleeves.



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