And people iron sheets why??

I ironed my first sheet ever today. Actually I didn't even finish - just got maybe 1/8 of the way done. I don't understand WHY people would actually choose to do this chore. Doesn't make sense at all! I wasn't even doing it for my bed - that would make even less sense.

For my photography class, I need to take a roll of portraits. Figured I would practice on my kids, plus I was dying to try developing at home. Had all the chemicals and stuff mixed up and ready to go, and then realized I didn't have a can opener to open the film roll with. Ugh.

Where does the sheet come in? For a backdrop of course! We just put windows in our screen room (and A/C and heat!!) and the light in there is wonderful. So I figured I'd just hang a sheet from the curtain rod and have at it. Then I realized I can't photoshop all the wrinkles out in film. Oops. I ended up going with a velveteen fabric I had that wasn't as wide as I'd like, but didn't need the amount of ironing the sheet did.

I took 30 pictures of the kids, all except Chrissy. I grabbed these 2 with the digital to test it out before hand. Of course, the film is all in black and white. Hopefully I'll get it in the tank to develop sometime tomorrow, I'm very excited, and was mad I didn't have enough time after class this evening to do it!

I promise I do take pictures of the other kids, but the younger ones are so much more willing victims...


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