It's been a crazy busy few weeks - part 1

Every couple of months, for the past couple of years, I've taken the kids to spend the weekend in Live Oak FL to attend kids music camp.  They have a blast.  I love that they get a taste of music.  I realized a couple weeks ago, that my house was quiet.  Not really,  because there's a bunch of kids living there, but there's no music being played.  No instruments being practiced.  No more piano, saxophone, guitar, clarinet and a bit of flute. My oldest 2 kids were my biggest instrument junkies, and with their moving out, so did the music.  I aim to change that.  Music camp makes it a bit easier.

Aislinn has taught bass guitar the last two sessions.  I love that as she's learning, and learning to love it, she's passing that love on to other kids too.  Kian has taken banjo - every single session.  His teacher called me in to discuss how he's doing.  Said he's ready to learn chords, but he can't learn them if he can't practice, and would it be ok for him to borrow a banjo until the next session so he can practice.  Um - yes.  He's over the moon.  I'm now looking at used banjos to maybe get one for him for his birthday/Christmas this year. Picture of him with his teacher and "his" banjo.

At the end of the weekend, the kids all put on a concert with the songs they've learned.  It's amazing that kids that may have never picked up an instrument, or even this instrument, can play together after a few classes and have it be recognizable.  The teachers and event coordinators do a great job in picking the songs and putting it all together. Ronan was finally able to take the harmonica class, and we've been hearing him play and practice ever since.  Riona picked drums again.  She's had difficulty keeping in rhythm and time before, and did a great job this time!  Alannah hasn't taken a class the last couple times, which makes me a bit sad.  She spent her time drawing and taking pictures though.

We go with friends, and in between classes the kids hang out, eat, play, and get dirty. We took a trip to a nearby spring one day, and otherwise just hung out and enjoyed the hot late summer FL weather.



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