Trying to stay awake - the ramblings of my brain

It's been weeks since I've gotten a good night's sleep and woke up feeling rested.  I can be exhausted and barely able to function, to the point of not being able to speak correctly, and still lay in bed seemingly wide away for hours.|

I'm a 9+ hours a night girl.  This 5-6 hours a night is killing me.  I got called in to attend a birth last night/this am around 4.  I actually was asleep before midnight.  The first time.  Then the dog barked.  Then the cat made a noise.  There was a frog outside my window trying to seranade the other frogs across town.  I can't block all the noise out anymore.  I'd use white noise, but it literally hurts my ears.  Tinitus means I have crickets in my head 24/7.  Adding white noise is just too much.

I decided when I got home that I would forgo a nap, and just force myself to make it until I could reasonably go to bed. I'm waiting on Moe's (one of my favorites) to be delivered.  I'm trying out Bite Squad for the first time. Giovanni S is apparently my delivery person, and I'm curious if he wears the same bright green polo and hat as the website shows in his picture.

I can feel the wide awake slowly creeping in.  I have a feeling it's going to be a late night, even though I'm only running on 3/4 hours of sleep. The rain just started pouring down in true florida fashion, which means the grass will be too wet to mow in the am (Monday is mowing day).

My brain is rambling all over the place like it is wont to do when I'm tired.  Scattered thoughts that go back and forth like a ping pong ball.  Concentraing is near impossible.  I'm writing about the rain, and my mind skips to a shirt I'm planning on making, which goes to fabric on it's way to me, which goes to the mess that is my sewing area that my poor son has to deal with on the one night or so a week he graces us with his presence.

Moe's is delivered.  Poor Giovanni got his bright green polo soaked in the torrential downpour that is leaving me surprised we have electricity and internet. I think I really like this idea of Moe's delivery.  It may prove to be a very very bad thing.

Kids are home, putting them to bed to join them shortly.  Hoping the obnoxious thunder doesn't keep me awake.


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